Week off 24 | Mar

I'm putting my painting aside for the week and will be enjoying some R&R and life changing moments. See you all in April.


Slowly… 24 | Mar

...very slowly, I am working through the trees that make up this horizon line. -jb.

AAAA 23 | Mar

An awesome arbor amalgamation.


Studio with Adam Hall 16 | Mar

I've been enjoying having this print from Adam Hall over one of my
palettes, reminds me to roll up my sleeves and face the challenge. Thanks,

Doodle 16 | Mar

You have to be pretty wild to draw like this.


Sketcher 14 | Mar

Next step is to find out what she was drawing.


Try Some 14 | Mar

Excited to be getting a few new Christopher Stott paintings. Including this 40 x 30 of a gum ball machine.

New Megan Aline 14 | Mar

Reception 4” x 4” acrylic on panel (framed) Megan Aline

Wild 13 | Mar

Wild leg, I think I love you.


Current Mood 13 | Mar

Channeling this rockstar piece by Kerry Brooks on a dreary Monday.



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