Shameful 24 | Apr

'Prude Angel' I'm taking another dive into digital art.


Small Works in the Loo 23 | Apr

When the bathroom in the gallery is just as much a gallery.


M. Bay-esque 23 | Apr

Sometimes you're 99% done with a painting and THEN you decide to wing it with a lens flare.


Reflection 21 | Apr

Today I'm adding the details to the mirror, which really helps pull the composition together.


Video to Enjoy! 21 | Apr

Take a look at this impressive video from Matt Story. Enjoy!

Drop By The Studio… 17 | Apr catch Henry Schrieber's last day as a guest artist in the upstairs studio. He has already made quite a bit of progress on these extremely awesome, fanciful paintings of marmots, and we can't wait to see the finished results!

Sketched sketch 12 | Apr

Yesterday's sketch is now sketched onto the panel.


Minus A Glaze… 12 | Apr

...and a varnish, this commissioned painting is done. -jb.

Progress 10 | Apr








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