Monet, Lake Norman and My Muse 19 | Mar

A small painting of my favorite little daydreamer. 10x10 oil on panel.


In Print 17 | Mar

Little Adam Hall Paintings 17 | Mar

Closer look 17 | Mar

Hardwood hardcore 17 | Mar

Side note: the frames I use for my paintings are BADASS solid hardwood construction made right here in Charleston. This is the damage after a TWO-STORY DROP ONTO PAVEMENT!


Kitty 12 | Mar

This cat is golden. I’m really stumbled onto this color scheme by accident but I’m learning so much from it.


Beginnings 07 | Mar

Using the leftover paint from my previous painting, I work out the compositions of my next few pieces.


Wrapping up 06 | Mar

Everything’s gonna be fine.


In process for April 06 | Mar


On my studio porch is "Raft" 36 x 36

Sarah and Nelle Iocovozzi my favorite models will appear again as part of my
duo show with talented Adam Hall "Oceana".

It's just around the corner. So excited!


Golden 05 | Mar

Really enjoying this direction, especially the golden sky. There’s definitely going to be more of this in the future.



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