The Colors For… 27 | May

...the water might not be as bright, they are definitely as fun!

Paul 27 | May

This is the first completed centerpiece for my December solo show @robertlangestudios . Only a couple dozen more to go!


Spoleto is Here! 26 | May

Ok, ok the city is a bustle with joy because Spoleto begins today!! Come visit us and see what we’ve got new in the gallery. Enjoy!

The Second Layer… 25 | May where all the fun stuff happens, like painting in the bits of spray that make the waves feel like that are moving.

Blue 24 | May

Hey Blue. Seems less-ox-more-piñata, and I'm OK with that.


The Process 23 | May

Just came across this process shot! Enjoy Megan

Sandpaper and sealant 22 | May

I did these eyeball studies a few years back, and am now using them to experiment with different finishes.


In progress 22 | May



Four Slivers of the Same Part… 21 | May

...of a painting show the progress on this, the first layer of the third painting in a series of four commissioned paintings. -jb.

My One Hundred And Twenty Sixth… 20 | May

...landscape is complete. It is titled "Morning Blues," measures 4x4" (about 8x8" framed), and has an incredibly soft matte finish that gives this little painting a real sense of atmosphere.


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