One Step… 19 | Nov

...closer to complete.

New Megan Aline 17 | Nov

Winter Storm 12 | Nov

I've finally finished the background on a new 3 x 4 ft painting of a winter
storm in the mountains. While working on this, I've been remembering
stories such as the "Dyatlov Pass" mystery in Russia, the terrible fate of
the Donner Party and my own memories of winters in Colorado. In the high
country, there is an eerie silence when the wind stops and the snow falls
steadily, sometimes you could hear an "unkindness" of ravens that would
break it, but usually nothing more than the tiny pecking of a bird doing
it's best to survive. When encountering wild life--no matter the size, we
do well to remember all they have made it through to greet us. That calls
for respect and reverence, because the "be here now" notion that is warn
like a badge on the sleeve of many 21st century spiritualists is the only
m.o. they have ever known. Or in the words of D.H. Lawrence, you could
"miss your chance with one of the lords of life".

This looks amazing at the hotel 11 | Nov

A Closer Look 11 | Nov

I am this close… 10 | Nov ending this painting. And a bunch of smarter people are the same to ending polio: Sometimes I question my life decisions.

Step by step… 10 | Nov

This One Shot 07 | Nov

This painting took more prep than any other painting I’ve done. I built my own wall from old wood I found at a antique store, lined a hot tub with black sheets (which is like herding cats, btw) hunted down a WW sea hammock, carried sandbags to hold down the hammock lines, set up lights etc. I had my friend come over when the sun set and then my mom stopped by to hold the wall because the day was incredibly windy and dipped into the 40s. I was so happy to look through the photos and realize I did capture my vision. Just as I wanted. Relief! But to make it even better - I ended up capturing something else... amazing, something I didn’t expect... more on that later.


Perspective 06 | Nov

Little Leo is always in my studio with me and he especially loves these
giant paintings. He is a true inspiration.


Way back 06 | Nov

Panda’s been gaming since way back in the day.



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