8×8’s 19 | Nov

Some fun 8x8 landscape studies heading to the gallery this week!

-Adam Hall

A Beauty from June Stratton 16 | Nov

The Bennett Prize 15 | Nov

What an incredible honor to learn I have received an Honorable Mention award for the highly sought after Bennett Prize. 647 entries and the jury selected my work in the top 3%. Thank you Dr. Elaine Melotti Schmidt and Steven Alan Bennett for propelling the careers of women painters and giving us this opportunity. I am also pleased to say my painting “The Odds Against it All” resides in their permanent collection. Thank you Megan Aline and Robert Lange for giving me a path that made this possible for me. So grateful....


The Second Layer… 14 | Nov

...of paint is going down, which means brighter mid-tones will lighten the sky and hopefully make it much deeper.

Love! 09 | Nov

Nathan’s working on a bunch of little paintings!

Fine Art Today and Plein Air Today 09 | Nov

Here’s an article about Brett.


Sanding down… 05 | Nov

...the first layer of paint to get ready for the next. -jb.

Adam Hall’s Painting in it’s new home 19 | Oct


‘Rivalry’ featured in Laphams’ Quarterly 17 | Oct

The creative director at Lapham's Quarterly reached out to include my
painting, Rivalry, ( 36" x 48", oil on canvas, 2017) for their most recent
issue that came out mid-September. Each publication focuses on a specific
topic and engages the reader with short, easily digestible writing
interspersed with many great images from history. They believe history can
educate us across the many spheres of contemporary life. The current topic
is Rivalry & Feud.

This painting is not currently in the gallery, however, if you are
interested please get in touch with the good folks at RLS for more

Good Morning 16 | Oct

Here is a sneak peak of one of the few final paintings that will be
included in my solo show this November. 15 x 30 in.



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