Altruism 24 | Sep

He's happy to help. Another piece completed for my December solo show.


Latest from brooks 23 | Sep

Kerry Brooks painting framed. Enjoy!

Smelly 22 | Sep

The beginnings of a very wet dog.


Mountain rain 21 | Sep

A storm has been brewing.


Back To The Big Marsh… 20 | Sep

...and the second layer of marsh is really making this painting come alive. Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath...

First Ideas Forming 20 | Sep

Meeting and working with new people is part of the process I enjoy most. Or maybe it's sorting through my favorites and pondering what adventure I will take them on....


A Progression… 19 | Sep

...of my latest painting. It starts with the sky painted over the contour line like transfer sketch. Next in the upper right, most of the first layer complete. In the lower left, the second layer of paint minus the marsh foreground is done. Finally the second layer of paint complete in the lower right. I learned something at the very end of this painting, which I am excited to put to use in my next, much larger project. -jb.

Gallery Vibes 18 | Sep

Mia Bergeron's paintings are hitting the spot today.


Finished Commission 18 | Sep

It always feels good to wrap up a commission, this painting was a fun new
challenge as I had to change the reference by inventing a new light-source
and palette. The actual lake here is in Canada, but felt familiar because
of all of the time I have spent in the Adirondacks of NY. Having memories
of similar place makes working from a reference photo that isn't your own
much easier.

Oil on panel - 17 x 14 in.

Fruition 15 | Sep

I had an idea a few nights ago and had to immediately try and bring it to fruition. I've never tried a trompe l'oeil chrome ball. Its slowly coming together.

+ robert +

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