Finished 21 | Aug

The first centerpiece is completed!


Commission in Progress 21 | Aug

I've had the pleasure of working on 2 larger commissions that are destined to arrive in my home state of Minnesota next month. 


False 20 | Aug

I don't know what you're insinuating, of course I'm a dog. Can't you read the tag?!!


First print series on aluminum 19 | Aug

I have just returned home from a month in Maine and I am excited to announce the release of my first print series on aluminum

I’m really excited about how they turned out and we have framed them exactly like the original paintings. We plan to do very small editions of 10 for each piece.

“Designer Koala” 8” x 8” archival print on aluminum $300 (framed) Limited Edition of 10

“Baby Blue” 8” x 8” archival print on aluminum $300 (framed) Limited Edition of 10

Just contact the gallery if you’re interested in getting one.

+ robert +

Well 18 | Aug

A Little overwhelming, but nearly complete.


Feedback 17 | Aug

Digital loop: I take a photo of a painting in progress, digitally sketch out where I think it needs, then translate the sketch back onto the painting. Repeat till I'm happy with the final piece.


WIP 14 | Aug

Keeping an eye out.


Artist in RLSident 08 | Aug

My home for the rest of August.


See everyone Friday 03 | Aug


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