Heartland 23 | Feb

I've driven across the country many times, but the first came with warnings
of enduring the mid-west. These days, I'm always anxious to shoot and take
in as much of it as possible, it isn't a beauty that calls out loudly, but
waits to be noticed. This is a scene of Illinois done from a photo taken
during a period in July which was referred to as "corn sweat"
days...apparently the plants emit moisture and bring the collective
humidity up past 100%. Oil on panel, 6 x 26 in.

Speed 23 | Feb

It's amazing how effortless it looks when sped up 25x.


Racing my mind 20 | Feb

In my mind I've already finished the painting. Reality just needs to catch up to my imagination.


Growing in time 19 | Feb

Bark takes time.


Old Farms 18 | Feb

There is something really special about a farm that has been around for a
while, although I'm always a tourist when painting Maine, the state seems
full of old and beautiful places. Here is a new one that has me longing
for dewy grass in the summer time. "Pettengill Farm (Robin's Nest)"
oil on panel, 22 x 22 in.

New Jesus Navarro 18 | Feb

This just arrived from Navarro.

Blocking the flock 18 | Feb

Still have a ways to go. Hopefully with enough caffeine I'll be done blocking out the shapes by tomorrow evening.


One Step Closer… 16 | Feb

...to being finished. -jb.

New Megan Aline Paintings 16 | Feb

Hello Hello Alexandra Becker-Black 16 | Feb

Take a look in new work to see work form Alexandra Becker-Black! Watercolor.


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