Surrounded! 27 | Jul


Collaboration 25 | Jul

A big tease.


Overachiever 19 | Jul

Forget a W.I.P, I'm documenting a L.I.T.W.A.C.O.M.I.P. (Lady In Tree With A Carton Of Milk In Progress.)


In the Works 17 | Jul

Just need a little varnish and frames. - Megan Aline

Conceit 12 | Jul

Let's just assume this thing is powered by dreams and fairy dust.


Coffee? 10 | Jul

Lil' French press!


Artists on Art Magazine 10 | Jul

This month I am fortunate to be included in the July issue of "Artists on
Art" magazine. My article "Shedding Light on Sfumato" goes in depth as to
how the creation of this pictorial style during the Italian Renaissance
changed oil painting through softer focus and diminished edges. I also
have covered how to approach painting this way with some handy tips.


French press 10 | Jul

Mini penguin needed a pick-me-up.


Couple of new ones.. 07 | Jul

Framed and ready. - Megan Aline

Shiny 06 | Jul

Painting with Metallic Oil pigments has always been a odd gamble: I'm happy with the results, but it's never what I initially predicted.



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