Painting at Halo 09 | Sep

- Fred

A couple from Timur Akhriev 09 | Sep

We just had a great meeting with Timur who will be in two of our upcoming group shows. He’s dropped off these two amazing pieces for us to hang in the gallery!

Moods 09 | Sep

Sometimes your days are an odd shade of blue.


Another one! 08 | Sep

Fresh off the easel: 'Songs Only They Could Hear'. Will be part of my solo show in December.


Setting Up 07 | Sep

Buying racks and organizing for upcoming photo shoots has made my day 🙂 This small purchase feels big in reward.


Forming a Show 07 | Sep

Filling sketchbooks with thumbnails. Instead of trying to evaluate and fully form my idea in my head, I've been drawing them out quickly as soon as they come to mind.


The Second Layer… 06 | Sep

...of paint is where the fun stuff happens. First I mix my colors, holding it up against the colors from the first layer to make super finite adjustments in tone and hue. Then I am free to focus in on the details. Here you can see the somewhat chunky brush strokes in the upper left (the first layer of paint complete) give way to and be covered by the second layer of finer brush work and detail. The bottom right is the second layer complete!

The Last Painting… 06 | Sep a series of four commissioned paintings is shown here, getting its first layer painted. The goal in the first layer of paint is to get the main shapes in place and the color in the ballpark of where I would like it to be.

Looking Ahead, 2017 Schedule 03 | Sep

September - Matt Story

October - Michelle Jader + Robert Lange

VENDUE 17 October - Cats vs Dogs

VENDUE 26 November - Sara Golish

November - Joshua Flint

December - Nathan Durfee

January + February - The Color of Water 

VENDUE 26 March - Fred Jamar (map)

March - Karin Jurick

April - June Stratton + Amy Lind

VENDUE 19 April - Food Themed (Cookbook) 

May - Landscape Group Show - Large Paintings

June + July - Trompe l’oeil Group Show

VENDUE 26 June - Southern Gallery Highlight

August - Michelle Jader

September - Jessica Gordon

October - Still life w/ Objects

VENDUE 19 October - ??

November - Brett Scheifflee

December - Kerry Brooks

January + February - Poetry Show (typewriter) 

Commission Complete 28 | Aug

This weekend after adding the last few brushstrokes, I cleaned and assembled these two 54"x40" 2-panel paintings. They're ready to go and will be crated and heading for their new home tomorrow!



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