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New Megan Aline 01 | Sep

Upcoming Exhibit Press 31 | Aug

Big Blue 30 | Aug

Is nearly complete


On the Easel this week 29 | Aug

Couple paintings I'm working on this week.
They are 20"x20" and 40"x60"
-Adam Hall

Stairway to Heaven 24 | Aug





Navigating 22 | Aug

Being sensitive to understand how much more needs to be done on this. Maybe it’s finished already...


2019 Show Schedule 18 | Aug


September - Jessica Gordon Solo (Figurative)

VENDUE 26 September - The Feminine Now, highlighting female figurative artists from local Charleston galleries.

October - Group Invitational - Souvenir, Group Show of Still Lives with Objects

VENDUE 19 November - All the Blues, Group invitational at the Vendue

November - Brett Scheifflee Solo (Landscape)

December - Kerry Brooks Solo (Figurative)



January + February - Matt Story Solo (Figurative)

VENDUE 26 March - Matt Story Solo Continued

March - KC Collins Solo (Landscape)

April - Duet Robert Lange + George Ayers Shiny Objects (Still life)

VENDUE 19 April - Fortunate, Group show inspired by fortune cookies

May - In House Group Show - Perfectionists, Group show of detail oriented work

June - Nathan Durfee Solo

VENDUE 26 June - ??

July - Megan Aline + Brett Scheifflee Solo (Landscape)

August - Karin Jurick Solo

September - Group Show Poetry Show, paintings inspired by poems or Maybe 100 show ?

October - Mia Bergeron Solo

VENDUE 19 October - ??

November - Adam Hall Solo (Landscape)

December - Susan Harrell Solo


In October RLS will be having a still life show with a twist. Robert Lange explains, “ For this show we thought it would be fun to display the actual objects that the artist’s have been inspired by and then let the collector take that object home along with the painting.” They gallery has invited 25 artists to participate. Following that will be a solo show of pristine landscapes by artist Brett Scheifflee, who says, "Like everything we make, desire precedes existence, it seems a love of the soft and subtle must have occupied the thoughts of artists for many many years and we should be thankful it did, as we now have oil paints.”  Scheifflee’s painting style is a contemporary update of the American landscape tradition and continually exceeds the expectations of collectors.  This series in particular demonstrates his ability to meticulously render the details of the landscape in which he is immersed. Following Sheifflee’s show will be Kerry Simmons solo show. For this show Simmons will primarily be working in egg tempura, a paint tradition that is reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth. Tediously painted, the surface of Simmons' new works are unmatched. The beginning of 2019 starts with a solo show by Matt Story, highlighting contemporary underwater figurative painting. These series will be his first show following a successful exhibit at the Chapin Museum. Story’s pieces are very recognizable and enthusiastically collected.

The mess behind a painting 15 | Aug

Sometimes we see paintings, even progress shots, and we don't really get a sense of the amazing amounts of mess that go into making them. I though I'd share a few shots from my studio when I was setting up my most recent still life "Deciduous" for an upcoming show at RLS.  Look at all that crap!! I was searching for interesting arrangements and colors and narratives, so I brought ALL THE STUFF.  Here are also a few progress shots of my process of painting- I lay everything in fairly thick with a palette knife, looking to break the general values with lots of broken color.  I let that dry, then sand and paint over it, letting some of those colors come through. I liked painting this still-life. I'm finding narrative and subtle story to be something I'm more drawn to than ever right now. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for looking! Mia

Last WIP for September 13 | Aug

Another 22x28 blackwater painting from my time with our ballerina - the last work in progress for September’s show. This piece is vertical but turning it sideways I love it just as much 🙂 Time to go back in for the last layers and bring more out more dimension.



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