Back yard 05 | Nov

Just have to paint the chickens on this little painting of a Maine

Oil on panel, 7 x 7 in.


Cupcake from Robert 04 | Nov


A beautiful day to create 03 | Nov

Setting up a second space to paint and hang work while it dries. Relieving myself of the anxiety of piling them together in the studio. At some point soon this easel will hold my largest painting - and what I believe will be my most compelling work to date.


Ghostly Painting 03 | Nov

Well Bundled and On Key
4”x4” $600
Here is a pic:


Compromises 01 | Nov

If you are struggling between painting a walrus in braces and a walrus in headgear...have you considered painting both?


Clouds 30 | Oct

It took a little over two days to paint this sky, but I'm perhaps the most
happy with this "swing" taken at painting complex cloud formations. Even
though it's all I do, painting landscapes is often still hard because
nature dreams in forms and patterns humans don't know.


Orthodontal 30 | Oct

Taking inspiration from my high school class photos.


This just in… 30 | Oct

Fiery Rollback from Matt Story. Warming me up on this chilly Charleston day!


New habits 30 | Oct

I’m getting into a habit of painting walruses.


Confidence 29 | Oct

She knows what she’s worth.



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