Current Mood 13 | Mar

Channeling this rockstar piece by Kerry Brooks on a dreary Monday.


Splash 13 | Mar

As mostly a landscape painter, I've been kind of afraid to tackle water for
a long time, baby steps...


Hallway 13 | Mar

Light creeping into the room.


Beginnings 10 | Mar

I have a LONG way to go with this piece, but I'm seeing potential, so the goal is to preserve that excitement over the next two weeks.


New Megan Aline 09 | Mar

Here’s a little 4x4” to enjoy. - Megan

Indeed 08 | Mar

She can be a wild thing too.


Reeds and Grasses 08 | Mar

Painting a marsh requires the artist to look at plant life the way Hokusai
observed water. Observation comes first, but when the inky paint goes down,
it's more about feeling the gravity than anything else.


Finished! 07 | Mar

Ssssssshhhhh...she's nesting.


Hive 07 | Mar

I loved this moment of a friends beehive, it seemed as if they would come
out buzzing any minute.

Nesting 06 | Mar

A woven crown.



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