Lange and Aline, June 2017

June 2, 5-8pm


Robert Lange and Megan Aline

About the Exhibit

Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Better Together, features collaborative paintings from gallery owners Megan Aline and Robert Lange.  This is the first series of its kind from the couple, who both married and opened their gallery together in 2005

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Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Better Together, features collaborative paintings from gallery owners Megan Aline and Robert Lange.  This is the first series of its kind from the couple, who both married and opened their gallery together in 2005. The work will hang until June 27 and can be seen daily from 11-5pm. Both painters, Aline working in acrylic and Lange in oil, have been recognized separately for their painting abilities and featured in numerous art magazines. Their jointly owned gallery has been celebrated as one of the best galleries in the southeast. However, this new body of work, as they put it, “is uncharted territory” for them.


Aline initially builds up the background composition using acrylic paint in multiple layers and various thicknesses and in response Lange incorporates an animal into the landscape using oil paint.  All are welcome to attend the June 2 event from 6–8PM where the artists will be on hand to answer questions.

Aline says of the paintings, “I feel like each piece is a true duet, where each of our parts in the final composition hold equal weight. While we initially were hesitant to make an entire series together, for fear that we might step on each other’s creative toes so-to-speak, after the first piece we realized that this wouldn’t be the case.  Much like our life together, our painting styles seemed to seamless meld together without too much effort or backpedaling; we both could understand and appreciate the other person’s important roll in what would be the final product.” 


The couple have worked side-by-side daily as owners of their gallery in Charleston and also paint in a shared studio at their home nightly. Aline said, “We’ve been together twenty-four-seven for the better part of two decades.” When asked what they have learned in this time together and how that plays into this new series, Aline said, “Probably one of the great struggles that most couples face in “the beginning” is peacefully surrendering control to their partner and creating a new life of compromise together. We’ve been together for a VERY long time, so we’re well past the toothpaste cap-toilet seat phase of marriage. However, painting has always been something that we not only do separately but we do very differently. I paint generally small and in acrylic, where Rob paints bold and in oil.  For this series we warily entered uncharted territory, would we brainstorm the final pieces together, would I start something and he finish it, or would we go back-and-forth in the creativity process?  Well, much like our so-many-years-ago solution to the trivial matters of marriage, we simply each played to our strengths with the understanding that we together were creating something unique.”

For example in the first piece they created for the show Aline painted a 12” by 12” landscape in acrylic. She said of the work, “I wanted to create something atmospheric without thinking too much about what Rob was going to do in response. It was important to me that the painting felt strong enough compositionally before he added anything to it. Then I handed it off, fully knowing that he could potentially ruin it but trusting him enough to know that he would only enhance it.” Lange gracefully added a single humming bird hovering through Aline’s forest. The grey tones of the background landscape are reminiscent of many of Aline’s paintings. Lange’s hummingbird, with its bright red and green feathers, boldly completes the painting.

In another piece for the show titled “Waiting to Teach” Lange pulled from his personal emotions. He said, “As parents, it is very important to us that our children respect and appreciate the natural world. I see the Lion in this piece as an ambassador for the effortless relationship between animals and their surroundings. His calm and knowing expression is ready to illustrate this connection to anyone willing to witness.”


Lange says, “I realized that in order to create balance within these collaborative works, the paintings would only need a small punch of vivid oil color to create a harmony with Megan’s soft and poetic atmospheric worlds.”


One collector’s comment in anticipation for the upcoming show is, “I know both artist very well and have works by each of them.” Kathryn Lilliston said. “This idea of making magic together real appeals to me as something new and exciting.”

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