Michelle Jader, June + July 2016

June 3, 5-8pm


Michelle Jader

About the Exhibit

This new body of work features figures on the 2-15 layers of stacked acrylic panel to push and pull images in and…

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Embracing Impermanence

Multi-layered paintings exploring change and the desire for connection




“Embracing Impermanence” will open at Robert Lange Studios on Friday, June 3 and will be exhibited through the end of July.  Traditional and contemporary art will come together at this exhibit of multi-layered paintings and sculptures by Michelle Jader that explore change and the desire for connection.


“We’re excited about this new direction that Michelle is taking,” said Robert Lange, gallery owner.  “We were originally drawn to her work because of the dimension, tension and movement she was able to create by layering several transparent paintings together.  Her new body of work pushed her further and includes paintings of up to 15 layers, hanging sculptures, and new subject matter.”


This new body of work features figures on the 2-15 layers of stacked acrylic panel to push and pull images in and out of focus. Working on layers of semi-transparent acrylic panels, Jader diffuses background layers, enhances depth, and creates a sense of mystery and movement.  Expressive marks and shadowing of the figures also reinforce a sense of impermanence.


Michelle said of the new paintings, “This body of work is the beginning of a new direction for me.  I continue to be drawn to figures in motion, but I’m trying to further exploit the benefits of not only layering paint on one surface, but layering several transparent paintings together to create more dimension, tension and movement.”


“The work is very personal to me.  When I moved to San Francisco 10 years ago, my new world seemed out of focus.  Simple everyday actions like walking down a street or passing new co-workers in the halls went by like a blur.  It was very lonely at times, and I wanted nothing more than to feel at home in my new city with a circle of great friends.  Little by little and step by step, my foggy world came into focus. With time, the streets I traveled started to become familiar and friendships grew around me.


The beginning of change, much like the beginning of this directional shift in my work, was most definitely, a struggle.  But there were also moments when I embraced the changes that were happening around me and within me. This new body of work explores the desire for clarity and connection in an unfocused, new world.”


Michelle Jader attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where she earned her MFA studying traditional oil painting.   Her desire to paint expressively and marry traditional with contemporary styles pushed her to investigate new painting surfaces. For over 5 years she’s been exploring painting motion on several layers of semi-transparent acrylic panels

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