KC Collins & Adam Hall, August 2013

August 2, 5:00 - 8:00 pm


Adam Hall

KC Collins

About the Exhibit

Both Adam Hall and KC Collins spend a lot of time outdoors looking for compositions and light to inspire their next works in oil, Places that Find Us is a series of both artist’s introspective journey’s into nature.  The exhibit …

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Both Adam Hall and KC Collins spend a lot of time outdoors looking for compositions and light to inspire their next works in oil, Places that Find Us is a series of both artist’s introspective journey’s into nature.  The exhibit at Robert Lange Studios’ will open on August 2 and can be seen daily from 11-5 until August 23.

Collins’ says of her upcoming show, “When I find a place or a moment that only I get to witness, I feel a need to paint it, maybe just for my own memory but maybe because I want to share that moment.”

Hall says, “The landscapes I create are half imagined and half inspired; as I layer and glaze the painting the spirit of the piece finds me.

Adam Hall says the following about the Body of work:

“Places That Find Us” is a concept that has really stuck with me throughout this new body of work. It’s a different perspective that sheds light on this idea of moments sort of seeking us out. It’s quite a fun perspective to think about really. These Moments that grab us and speak to our inner selves when we least expect them to.  Some of my most profound moments of discovery have been while staring out into the vast landscape and allowing myself be open. It’s easy to allow the busyness of our lives to blur our vision and prevent us from being found.

With this new body of work, I really wanted to explore those vast open spaces I’ve experienced beauty in.  Also, I wanted to keep the paintings a somewhat vague interpretation that allows the viewer to have their own connection. 


Adam Says the following about Working with KC Collins:

Being from Nashville, I imagined that putting a show together with someone would be a lot like co-writing a song together.   You hope to have a smooth session, be on the same page, and just maybe write a #1 hit song.  When RLS presented me with the opportunity to create a show with KC, I was beyond excited.  It’s really quite an honor.  Aside from her great technical skill, I believe there is an amazing spirit and depth behind her landscapes that truly connects to the viewer on an emotional level.  We both strive as artists to create that emotional connection and atmosphere in our work that really makes for a great show.  Working and brainstorming with KC has been a such a smooth productive process, and has most definitely helped me to grow as an artist.  s


Adam says the following about the painting “The Lonely Wild” 20×30:

To be Fierce and passionate about life and adventure is something I find worth fighting for.  It’s scares me to think of becoming complacent and internally bored just stuck in a routine. Don’t get me wrong, routine can be good, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary for me to leap out of my comfort zone and seek adventure.  This painting represents that moment of getting lost somewhere and finding adventure in the wild.


KC Collins says Body of work:

Each painting in this body of work was inspired by serendipitous moments. As we go about our everyday lives, we are presented with fleeting moments of inspiration. Looking up at an unusual cloud, the curling and breaking of an ocean wave, light peeking through the branches of a tree; these pauses are a break from reality, and are all too often overlooked. I find that some of my best paintings come from these places.  I’m attempting not only to recreate these scenes in my paintings, but to also give the viewer a sense of what it felt like to be there. As I glaze multiple layers and soften the edges in the paintings, I’ve focused on atmosphere and movement in this series.


KC Collins says about Working with Adam Hall:

I believe RLS paired Adam and I together for this show because of our similar approach to painting. We both reference places we have been, while also using our imagination to artistically represent emotion in our paintings. The specific scenes we paint are often loosely defined, which allows the viewer to approach each painting on a personal level. Adam has a unique and gifted way of capturing light and depth in his multi-layered landscapes, which is something I have always strived to do. Though we both paint with similar layering techniques, our palettes differ, and I think compliment each other well. Collaborating with such a creative, inspiring artist has been a positive experience for me.  


KC Collins talking about the painting “Sweep” 24 x 36:

As I was merging onto the highway, I looked up to see the unique cloud formation that inspired this painting.  I was able to snap a photo on my phone and went straight home to paint it. I found that not just with this piece, but all pieces for this show, I took creative license. Originally, these clouds were over buildings and highway, but looking at them took me to a wide open green field, which I decided to paint instead. This ultimately changed the entire feel of the piece. “Sweep” was one of the first paintings created in the series, and gave momentum to the show’s purpose for me.

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