Adam Hall, August 2016

August 5, 6-8pm


Adam Hall

About the Exhibit

The body of work in its entirety creates a space for wonder, contemplation, and hopefully may ignite a spark of inspiration in someone.  The theme “untamed” came from a simple thought of…

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Contemporary Landscape Paintings by Adam Hall

On view: August 5-26

Opening Reception: August 5 6-8pm



Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Untamed, features the work of oil painter Adam Hall.  Untamed is a collection of vast wilderness paintings.  The work will hang until August 26 and can be seen daily from 11-5pm.  Hall, currently located in Tennessee, has become recognized for his landscape paintings, particularly his waterscapes and his work is enthusiastically collected throughout the United States and Europe.  

Hall builds up his compositions using oil paint in multiple layers and various thicknesses to compose unique interpretations in paint.  All are welcome to attend the August 5 event from 6–8PM where the artist will be on hand to answer questions.

Adam says of the paintings, “The body of work in its entirety creates a space for wonder, contemplation, and hopefully may ignite a spark of inspiration in someone.  The theme “untamed” came from a simple thought of how nature is untamable, it is ever changing, cannot be controlled & is unpredictable. It then took a transition into the idea of how life can have a way of taming us or domesticating us to a fault sometimes. Really, if I’m honest I’ve felt that a lot over the past few years.  I’ve had to be very intentional to find time for myself and discover healthy routines to keep my dreams and adventurous spirit alive.”  

Adam, as a recent father of two toddlers, has been working to balance his personal and professional personas.  He said, “It’s a new season for me with new adventures & perspectives on life that I feel are pouring over into my work.  With life transitions happening, my work has been transitioning into more detailed depictions of landscapes; a more structured approach.  I’m creating less vague abstract ideas of a place and more detailed brush strokes, but still keeping a loose sense of atmosphere.” 

For example in the title piece for the show Hall has created a 36” by 36” work in oil. He said of the work, “This painting for me represents change. A healthy contemplative mindset and realization of how there is freedom in not holding on so tightly to truths but instead holding them loosely in your hands with an open mind & heart.  Adding the figurative element into my landscape work is also very new and has really challenged me creatively.  This is a theme I will be exploring more in the future.”  

In another piece for the show titled “Through the Woods” Adam pulled from his personal emotions.  He said, “After my co-op show with Megan Aline last year, I took a small hiatus from painting.  I decided to just spend some time really pouring myself into our growing family and waiting for my next painting idea to hit me.  During this time my grandpa, whom I adore, past away in his sleep.  Though we were all deeply saddened, it was a beautiful time to be with my siblings and re-connect with extended family.  Waking up early one morning in this tiny WV valley town, we hiked all the way up to the nearby mountainside.  During our hike I came upon this overgrown storybook of an entry into the forest.  Something about it just struck me, and I knew right away that this would be the first painting for my show.”

One collector’s comment in anticipation for the upcoming show is, “I own a number of Adam’s pieces and plan to get one from each step of his career.” Patrick Riddle from Charleston, SC said.  “For his age, Adam’s use of atmosphere is currently unmatched in the contemporary art market.”


High Res images can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qmfvsjwlbc3lthc/AAB5-77ucZ7HrXQJiQU7h8WUa?dl=0 


Contact the Artist Directly:

Adam Hall

(615) 414-0832




The gallery is open 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. everyday and by appointment.





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