Bergeron + McLeod, May 2017

May 5, 5 - 8pm


Mia Bergeron and John McLeod

About the Exhibit

I think the title “Uplift and Upheaval” speaks to the double nature both our works have, and..

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About the show from Mia:
Personally, I found working side by side with an abstract sculptor to be refreshing, since there’s no dilemma of saying the same thing twice. We both had such different takes when faced with one concept, it felt exciting to push and be supported by each other. This idea speaks to the double nature both our works have, and is a big part of the draw we first had to each other. John and I have always had similar overarching ideas in both of our work- introspection, beauty, the ephemeral nature of life, destruction, confusion, joy, and curiosity to name a few.
“Uplift and Upheaval” refers to not only what we both gravitate naturally to in art, but it also directly references our marriage (we are getting married a week after our opening). I think when you find the person who you believe in and who you both want to support and feel supported by, it’s an uplifting and soaring force. The other side of that coin is that, in order to prepare to start a new life with this person, there is an element of personal upheaval that inevitably happens whenever we change into new roles at different points in our life. 
 About the show from John:
Both of us don’t work well with imposed themes, so when Mia and I were looking to create this show together, we both gravitated to continuing work we already want to explore. The works in this show definitely are a continuation of works we have already been actively making, but because of the nature of combining our pieces together, we both feel new elements emerged in our ideas. This symbiosis has also become a discussion about our union and all the different amazing aspects that come when two people (with a tendency towards being content as single) find that they want more than anything to spend their lives together in a creative conversation. 

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