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Aerials 11 | May

On the easel today.

Studio Vibes 01 | May

Love this quote "The creative adult is the child who survived"
Here is a little peak into my studio these days preparing for July show.
Photo by @brittanywoodphotography


Fresh Off the Easel 31 | Mar




Studio shots of some new pieces for July show

Adam Hall – While You Were Sleeping 14 | Nov

Video Link 14 | Nov

While You Were Sleeping 14 | Nov

While You Were Sleeping –
Adam Hall
from Matthew
on Vimeo.

It's video releae day. An amazing project I had the privilege of being
apart has reached completion and I hope everyone enjoys this little glimpse
into my world as an artist. Special thanks to RLS who've always had faith
in me as a creative human being.

Contemplation 13 | Jul

As we get geared up for Adam’s show people have been visiting the paintings this week before they even make it up onto the walls.

Teaser Stills 07 | Jul

Wanted to share some teaser still frame shots from a short documentary film
project coming out soon. Really excited to share this film w everyone very

Utilizing Wall Space. 01 | Jun

Lately, I've been shifting paintings from the easel to my wall at certain
stages, which is allowing me to work on quite a few more pieces at once.
It also keeps the kiddos from adding any crayon signature-- (which just
happened recently) Here is a glimpse at few new pieces in the studio.

On the Easel this week. 30 | Mar

36"x36" water painting on the easel week titled "Head Above Water".


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