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On the easel 02 | Feb


New painting titled "Sleep Walker" on the easel this week.

7Ft Painting #2 04 | Jan

Another huge painting on the wall. These are a challenge to paint and I'm
learning a lot in the process.


Perspective 06 | Nov

Little Leo is always in my studio with me and he especially loves these
giant paintings. He is a true inspiration.


Another Article 06 | Jul

Full article:

Adam Hall's newest series of works, Upon Shoulders, takes its title from one of his favorite Isaac Newton quotes, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." A self-taught painter, Hall says that he's gotten to where he is today by surrounding himself with, as he puts it, "artists who are way better" than he is.

But his show serves as more than a nod to fellow artists — Upon Shoulders' interpretation can be viewed literally as well. "I'm realizing that a lot of what I'm drawn…..

Another Piece for Adam’s Show 03 | Jul

Finishing Up 27 | Jun

Counting down the days to be in Charleston again with the family! Also,
excited to see all the new paintings for my show re-united in one space
together. When creating new work for this show I formed a diagram
envisioning each piece in the gallery together. The reason this is always
apart of my process is because I want the works in their entirety to create
a specific atmosphere. Hopefully, people will feel connected to this work
and it will speak to them in some way. Here is a progress shot of one of
the last pieces for the show.


Calling it Done 08 | Jun

Before fully diving into an art career, I spent many years grinding away in
recording studios. In the recording studio some of the best vocal takes
were the imperfect scratchy ones. You really had to train your ear to find
that healthy balance and not over produce a track. Likewise, In my process
as an artist, I catch myself over polishing a painting or over working it.
As I grow in this craft, learning when to accept a painting as done is
always evolving. With that process in mind, I'm learning to embrace some
of the imperfections or rawness of a painting. So I'm calling this new
24x36 painting done!


Aerials 11 | May

On the easel today.

Studio Vibes 01 | May

Love this quote "The creative adult is the child who survived"
Here is a little peak into my studio these days preparing for July show.
Photo by @brittanywoodphotography



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