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Finished Commission 18 | Sep

It always feels good to wrap up a commission, this painting was a fun new
challenge as I had to change the reference by inventing a new light-source
and palette. The actual lake here is in Canada, but felt familiar because
of all of the time I have spent in the Adirondacks of NY. Having memories
of similar place makes working from a reference photo that isn't your own
much easier.

Oil on panel - 17 x 14 in.

Artists on Art Magazine 10 | Jul

This month I am fortunate to be included in the July issue of "Artists on
Art" magazine. My article "Shedding Light on Sfumato" goes in depth as to
how the creation of this pictorial style during the Italian Renaissance
changed oil painting through softer focus and diminished edges. I also
have covered how to approach painting this way with some handy tips.


The last one 27 | Mar

I almost didn't think this day would come when looking over my bank of
images that I wanted to execute for the show in April, but time always
passes (thankfully with no headaches this time) and I'm happy to be
finishing the last painting. See you soon, "low country"!


Splash 13 | Mar

As mostly a landscape painter, I've been kind of afraid to tackle water for
a long time, baby steps...


Reeds and Grasses 08 | Mar

Painting a marsh requires the artist to look at plant life the way Hokusai
observed water. Observation comes first, but when the inky paint goes down,
it's more about feeling the gravity than anything else.


Hive 07 | Mar

I loved this moment of a friends beehive, it seemed as if they would come
out buzzing any minute.

Sea Water 05 | Mar

Looking forward to being in Charleston next month and getting my feet back
in the Atlantic. Here is another miniature for April, "Breaking" oil on
panel, 5 x 5 inches.

Heartland 23 | Feb

I've driven across the country many times, but the first came with warnings
of enduring the mid-west. These days, I'm always anxious to shoot and take
in as much of it as possible, it isn't a beauty that calls out loudly, but
waits to be noticed. This is a scene of Illinois done from a photo taken
during a period in July which was referred to as "corn sweat"
days...apparently the plants emit moisture and bring the collective
humidity up past 100%. Oil on panel, 6 x 26 in.

Old Farms 18 | Feb

There is something really special about a farm that has been around for a
while, although I'm always a tourist when painting Maine, the state seems
full of old and beautiful places. Here is a new one that has me longing
for dewy grass in the summer time. "Pettengill Farm (Robin's Nest)"
oil on panel, 22 x 22 in.


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