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Reflections 25 | Nov

Here is a new one that is headed to the gallery, it's called "Above and
Below" and features many reflections which were a fun challenge to paint.


Winter Storm 12 | Nov

I've finally finished the background on a new 3 x 4 ft painting of a winter
storm in the mountains. While working on this, I've been remembering
stories such as the "Dyatlov Pass" mystery in Russia, the terrible fate of
the Donner Party and my own memories of winters in Colorado. In the high
country, there is an eerie silence when the wind stops and the snow falls
steadily, sometimes you could hear an "unkindness" of ravens that would
break it, but usually nothing more than the tiny pecking of a bird doing
it's best to survive. When encountering wild life--no matter the size, we
do well to remember all they have made it through to greet us. That calls
for respect and reverence, because the "be here now" notion that is warn
like a badge on the sleeve of many 21st century spiritualists is the only
m.o. they have ever known. Or in the words of D.H. Lawrence, you could
"miss your chance with one of the lords of life".

Back yard 05 | Nov

Just have to paint the chickens on this little painting of a Maine

Oil on panel, 7 x 7 in.


Clouds 30 | Oct

It took a little over two days to paint this sky, but I'm perhaps the most
happy with this "swing" taken at painting complex cloud formations. Even
though it's all I do, painting landscapes is often still hard because
nature dreams in forms and patterns humans don't know.


Begining 13 | Oct

Here's a look at what a typical under painting of mine looks like, except
this is on my biggest canvas yet. Excited to see this old tree come to
life again - 3 x 4 ft.


Sunrise 11 | Oct

I've got one more session to go on this new sunrise painting of a Mount
Pleasant marsh. Just need to add a few clouds, glaze some color and detail
the foreground. Thanks to Laura for the reference shot. 5.5 x 24 in.


Finished Commission 18 | Sep

It always feels good to wrap up a commission, this painting was a fun new
challenge as I had to change the reference by inventing a new light-source
and palette. The actual lake here is in Canada, but felt familiar because
of all of the time I have spent in the Adirondacks of NY. Having memories
of similar place makes working from a reference photo that isn't your own
much easier.

Oil on panel - 17 x 14 in.

Artists on Art Magazine 10 | Jul

This month I am fortunate to be included in the July issue of "Artists on
Art" magazine. My article "Shedding Light on Sfumato" goes in depth as to
how the creation of this pictorial style during the Italian Renaissance
changed oil painting through softer focus and diminished edges. I also
have covered how to approach painting this way with some handy tips.


The last one 27 | Mar

I almost didn't think this day would come when looking over my bank of
images that I wanted to execute for the show in April, but time always
passes (thankfully with no headaches this time) and I'm happy to be
finishing the last painting. See you soon, "low country"!



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