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Magazine Spread 14 | Dec

Another Article 06 | Jul

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Adam Hall's newest series of works, Upon Shoulders, takes its title from one of his favorite Isaac Newton quotes, "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." A self-taught painter, Hall says that he's gotten to where he is today by surrounding himself with, as he puts it, "artists who are way better" than he is.

But his show serves as more than a nod to fellow artists — Upon Shoulders' interpretation can be viewed literally as well. "I'm realizing that a lot of what I'm drawn…..

Together 17 | May

Great article in American Art Collector about Megan and Robert's show.

Exhibit of the Year 18 | May

Thank you Fine Art Connoisseur for a great teaser about the show:

Michelle in American Art Collector 14 | May

Huffington Post Article 05 | May

The reaction from The Huffington Post article about Charleston Art Galleries, by Debbie Martinez , has been fantastic! Read it here:

Southern View: Writer in Residence 30 | Apr

Here is a wonderful article from one of our recent artists in residence that appears in this months Charleston Magazine. Janna McMahan was a pleasure to have in the gallery.

Interview with Robert 28 | Apr

Click here to watch a great interview with gallery owner Robert Lange:

Architectural Digest Loves Us! 23 | Apr




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