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Back To The Big Marsh… 20 | Sep

...and the second layer of marsh is really making this painting come alive. Stay tuned, but don't hold your breath...

A Progression… 19 | Sep

...of my latest painting. It starts with the sky painted over the contour line like transfer sketch. Next in the upper right, most of the first layer complete. In the lower left, the second layer of paint minus the marsh foreground is done. Finally the second layer of paint complete in the lower right. I learned something at the very end of this painting, which I am excited to put to use in my next, much larger project. -jb.

The Second Layer… 06 | Sep

...of paint is where the fun stuff happens. First I mix my colors, holding it up against the colors from the first layer to make super finite adjustments in tone and hue. Then I am free to focus in on the details. Here you can see the somewhat chunky brush strokes in the upper left (the first layer of paint complete) give way to and be covered by the second layer of finer brush work and detail. The bottom right is the second layer complete!

The Last Painting… 06 | Sep a series of four commissioned paintings is shown here, getting its first layer painted. The goal in the first layer of paint is to get the main shapes in place and the color in the ballpark of where I would like it to be.

And Done. 15 | Jun

Getting Closer… 14 | Jun finishing this one, and enjoying the subject so much I wonder if I should be painting more like Adam Hall, whose new paintings for a July solo show are absolutely amazing! -jb.

The Colors For… 27 | May

...the water might not be as bright, they are definitely as fun!

The Second Layer… 25 | May where all the fun stuff happens, like painting in the bits of spray that make the waves feel like that are moving.

Four Slivers of the Same Part… 21 | May

...of a painting show the progress on this, the first layer of the third painting in a series of four commissioned paintings. -jb.

My One Hundred And Twenty Sixth… 20 | May

...landscape is complete. It is titled "Morning Blues," measures 4x4" (about 8x8" framed), and has an incredibly soft matte finish that gives this little painting a real sense of atmosphere.


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