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Mom Day! 14 | May

I thought I would share a beautiful piece that Kerry created many years ago. Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

3 Women Show in AAC 01 | Mar

Here’s a look at the article in American Art Collector about this Friday’s show.

New Colored Pencil 22 | Jan




Here are Kerry Brooks latest. Enjoy!

Some Magazines this Month 12 | Jul

Here are some places we appear this month including Charleston Style and Design, Charleston Living (voted best gallery by their readers), and Art Magazine. Also, we will be participating in Palette and Palate for charity. Enjoy!

Fluent Show Piece 17 | Apr

Here's a look at Kerry Brooks' still in progress piece for the Fluent show. Enjoy!

Step-by-step 27 | Mar

Enjoy! Kerry Brooks

Kerry’s Studio 04 | Apr

Here's a look at Kerry Brooks' studio. Enjoy!

Kerry Brooks’ Latest 21 | Mar

Kerry's new series of works in oil and wax pastel just arrived. Enjoy!

secrets revealed! 18 | Sep




For those who may be curious, I spill all my artsy secrets in the current issue of International Artist. Seriously though, dream come true-- as a kid, I used to fantasize about being a real grown-up artist with a how-to in a glossy magazine!



she’s back 06 | Aug

Favorite model, Nicky, very graciously agreed to another photo shoot. She has the good fortune of being not only stunning, but incredibly gracious and sweet as well--a winning combination. Thanks, Nicky!


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