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IT’S SHOWTIME – August Solo Exhibition 12 | Jun

This August, I’ll be presenting a new body of work at RobertLange Studios.  IT’S SHOWTIME willcapture the kaleidoscope of experiences, feelings and emotions you mightencounter at a circus, carnival or amusement park.  All works will be painted on my signature, stacked layers of multipleacrylic panels to convey depth and motion.

Why this theme?  Thecarnival is an invitation for us to embrace the world with a childlikesensibility of possibility and daring. The lights, the movement, the sounds and smells take you out of yourhead and you begin to play with your fears and inhibitions.  When you step through the gate or through thecurtain, you literally become a part of the show.

Over the next few months, I’m excited to give you a “peekbehind the curtain” and to share this thrilling ride with you.


Here’s what Michelle is up to 05 | May

new work from Michelle Jader.

From the Easel 05 | Oct

This joyful 11"x30" two-panel painting was named "play" to reflect the call from within I feel when I'm feeling too serious for too long. The world seems brighter, lighter and happier when I answer that call.


Commission Complete 28 | Aug

This weekend after adding the last few brushstrokes, I cleaned and assembled these two 54"x40" 2-panel paintings. They're ready to go and will be crated and heading for their new home tomorrow!


Commission in Progress 21 | Aug

I've had the pleasure of working on 2 larger commissions that are destined to arrive in my home state of Minnesota next month. 


On the Easel 29 | Apr

Here's a quick shot of a 20"x32" three-panel piece I'm working on this weekend. Enjoy!


Study in the Studio 09 | Apr

Here's another little study on my easel here in California. Spring and the beautiful weather this weekend are helping me capture a sense of vibrancy and of emerging... and I'm having a blast painting the motion in fabric!


Study in the Studio 01 | Apr


There's a new batch of work brewing and destined for my October duet show at RLS with Robert Lange. During the past few months I've worked with 4 models, giving them the concept of SOAR as a starting point, to develop regency images. In addition to capturing my favorite subject matter, figures in motion, I'm excited to layer on strength of character, resolve and empowerment in the midst of turmoil. This fierce little 3-panel study is begging me to make her bigger.

More to come!


don’t be afraid, dear 12 | Oct

I typically don't paint animals.  So when the challenge came for the Vendue's group show, Lions and Tigers and Bears, I was a little stumped.  What evolved from a little brainstorming was a timely take off on the Grimm fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood and features the Big Bad Wolf.
don't be afraid, dear.18x14"oil on 3 acrylic panels

TWELVE! 12 | Oct

"Joy Full Throughout" is a 12" high by 12" wide by 12" deep by 12-panel painting that's complete for the TWELVE group show!I played with the opacity of the layers to allow you to look through this perpendicular painting.  It's tough to capture the depth with one shot, so here are a few photos from different angles.  Enjoy!


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