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New Collaboration 13 | Jan

Here's the latest collaboration that Robert and I finished. Enjoy! Megan

all it needs 13 | Oct

If i had a nickel for every-time I thought to myself “All this painting needs is a miniature koala.”

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studio spoon 27 | Aug


I’ve been having a lot of fun lately going back to my love of trompe l’oeil work. Here’s a little spoon in the works with my home studio in the reflection.

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Interview with Robert 28 | Apr

Click here to watch a great interview with gallery owner Robert Lange:

Two of my favorite things 09 | Apr

Lately I've had a strong desire to paint birds and paint tubes, so why not paint them together. I think I might do a few of these little color studies. Here's a bluebird in progress.

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Happy painting 02 | Feb


I couldn't help but enjoy painting this subject matter.

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so big, so shiny 05 | Dec

After eight weeks of off and on work, this 60” tall shiny muse is finished, well at least the first layer is finished. Now on to the background.

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candling 09 | Oct


I don’t think I’ll ever stop painting candles, or matches, or candles and matches.

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smaller and simpler 28 | Jul


After a few months of working on large scale very time involved works for my solo show, it was nice to tackle something small and simple. Just finished this little 5" x 5"

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Some Magazines this Month 12 | Jul

Here are some places we appear this month including Charleston Style and Design, Charleston Living (voted best gallery by their readers), and Art Magazine. Also, we will be participating in Palette and Palate for charity. Enjoy!


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