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changing stuff 30 | Nov

I’ve been having a ball changing the graffiti in this piece to reflective a more optimistic way of seeing the world. Painters have been hiding things in their paintings for centuries and I now know why.

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Stairway to Heaven 24 | Aug





Artist Guild 28 | Apr



Robert had the pleasure of doing artist critiques at our local artist guild.

People Looking At Paintings 24 | Mar








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Cupcake from Robert 04 | Nov


If you need me… 21 | Oct

If you need me, I’ll be spending the day cupcaking. And once finished, this cupcake will be levitating. - Robert

Fruition 15 | Sep

I had an idea a few nights ago and had to immediately try and bring it to fruition. I've never tried a trompe l'oeil chrome ball. Its slowly coming together.

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First print series on aluminum 19 | Aug








I have just returned home from a month in Maine and I am excited to announce the release of my first print series on aluminum

I’m really excited about how they turned out and we have framed them exactly like the original paintings. We plan to do very small editions of 10 for each piece.

“Designer Koala” 8” x 8” archival print on aluminum $300 (framed) Limited Edition of 10

“Baby Blue” 8” x 8” archival print on aluminum $300 (framed) Limited Edition of 10

Just contact the gallery if you’re interested in getting one.

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Together 17 | May

Great article in American Art Collector about Megan and Robert's show.

June Show 11 | May

Our June show is right around the corner and it’s going to be wonderful. Owners Megan & Robert have created a series of collaborative works. Enjoy!


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