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“We will not compromise who we are to be accepted by the crowd. We want substance in the place of popularity. We want to think our own thoughts. We want love, not lies. We want knowledge, understanding and peace. We will not lose. – Lupe Fiasco


Robert Lange Studios has been voted Best Art Gallery in Charleston for the last four years by the Charleston City Paper and Nathan Durfee has received the award for Best Visual Artist. In 2018 Conde Nast Traveler named it one of the top things to do in Charleston. In addition, the gallery was voted Best Art Gallery 2015-2017 by Charleston Living Magazine. Gallery owners Megan and Robert Lange are committed to providing a forum for art based on individuals, subjective style and awareness. This dedication has created a reputation for the gallery of consistently finding new and interesting artists that stand out for their imagination and distinctive personal touch. The gallery is a member of Charleston Gallery Association, Redux Contemporary, and Halsey Institute and sponsors artists from the Gibbes Museum.


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RLS Residency


Robert Lange Studios is a gallery space run by artist and gallery owners Megan and Robert Lange. As such, it is dedicated to the development of an on-going dialogue between artists from a diverse range of artistic disciplines at differing levels of their careers.

The RLS Residency program invites international and national artists to live in a residency space situated within the gallery. Located at 2 Queen Street in the heart of historic Charleston, SC we provide a platform for experimentation that gives exposure to diverse and dynamic art practices developing locally, regionally, and around the world. Working with the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, The Gibbes Museum, or Redux Contemporary Art Center by housing visiting artists who are creating exhibits, we aim to facilitate creative networks and connect the local art community with the global sphere of contemporary art.


In addition to working with the Halsey, Gibbes & Redux the RLS Residency is available via an application process to artists and other related professionals. Visiting artists have had an amazing and inspiring experience while staying inside the 6000 sq-foot art gallery housed in one of the oldest buildings in Charleston.  The historically marked building from 1670 has a newly renovated two-bedroom space with the option for a studio.


Charleston is filled with art, culture, and food and the community embraces creativity. We’re located on the same street as the Dock Street Theater, Foot Light Players Theater, HUSK Restaurant, as well as six of the city’s best galleries. Less than a block from East Bay Street and the waterfront, everything is within walking distance including local Museums. The location of this building is unmatched, the history can be felt in the walls, and the space itself is snuggled within a gallery that has been featured in American Art Collector, National Geographic Traveler, the Huffington Post, in Architectural Digest, on MSNBC, and voted the best Gallery in Charleston.  For submission guidelines please email info@rlsart.com


Click here to read about writer Janna McMahan’s experience during her residency:  http://charlestonmag.com/features/writer_in_residence


2013 Residency Artists: Long-Bin Chen, sculptor from Taiwan, Joseph Burwell, mixed media works on paper from Iceland, Renee Stout, photographer from Pennsylvania, Jody Zellen, installation art from California, Amy Lind, painter from Savannah, Paul Sobchuk, photographer from Maine, June Stratton, painter from Savannah, Ethan Deihl, painter from Texas, Adam Hall, painter from Nashville, Mia Bergeron, painter from Chattanooga, Sara + Shane Scribner, painters from San Francisco, Danny Robbins, painter from Richmond


2014 Residency Artists: Kimberly Witham, sculptor from Boston, Bob Trotman, sculptor from Winston-Salem, Jody Zellen all things art creative from Los Angeles, Matthew Cornell, painter from NY, Don Clapper, International Guild of Realism director, Tracy Adler, Wellin Museum director from NY, Alyson Shotz, sculptor from Sweden, Cedric Tai, installation and performance from Detroit, James Brendan Williams, sculptor from Manhattan Beach, California, Leo Osborn, sculptor from MA, Francis Smith, photographer for American Art Collector from Scottsdale, Arizona, June Stratton painter from Savannah, Mia Bergeron, painter from TN, Sergio Lopez, painter from California, Ethan Diehl, painter from Iowa City, Adam Hall, painter from TN, Matthew Bober + Tiffany Sage, painters from NY.


2015 Residency Artists: Christopher Cerrone, composer from Hunnington NY, Hon Chen + Margaret Lee working with sculptor Alyson Shotz’, Jiha Moon painter from Seoul Korea, Danielle Wyckoff installation artist from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Janna McMahan novelist from Kentucky, Adam Hall, painter from Nashville, Leo Osborn sculptor from MA, Joshua Flint, painter from Portland OR, Matthew Bober + Tiffany Sage, painters from NY, Craig Meyer drummer for Rachel Platten from NY, Jon + Reed Van Nort musicians from NY


2016 Visiting Artists: Bob Ray, painter from MO, Lauren Holmer, artist from NC, June Stratton, painter from Savannah, John Gordon, documentary film maker from CA, Lizzie Truman, photographer from Virginia, Tom Patterson, Lucien Shapiro sculptor, Melissa Stern artist and journalist from NY, Peter Drake painter and dean of NYAA, Michelle Jader painter from CA, Christopher Williams conceptual artist from CA, Peter Cole head of Gamblin Paint, Adam Hall painter from TN, Matt Bober painter from NY, Dan Rybicky + Aaron Wickenden documentary film makers, Sara Angelucci artist from Toronto, Matthew Fifer Filmmaker from NY, Nathan Durfee painter from CA, Olivia Poole editor from Art Mag, Rachel Gordon clothing designer, Victor Grasso painter from NJ, Fahamu Pecou Fine Art meets Hip Hop from NY



2017 Residency Artists: David Eichenberg painter from OH, Patrick Dougherty sculptor from Oklahoma, Nathan Durfee painter from CA, Brett Scheifflee painter from NY, Henry Schreiber painter from NC, Mia Bergeron + John McCloud painter and sculptor from TN, Mary Wutz clothing designer from HI, Drew Deane painter from NC, Adam Hall  painter from TN, Nathan Durfee from CA , Sophie Gamand photographer from NY, Joshua Flint painter from CA



2018 Residency Artists: Alexandra Becker-Black painter from OR, Brett Scheifflee from NY, Reuben Negron painter from NC, Michelle Jader painter from CA, Kerry Simmons painter from NY, Casey Sloan pastry artist from NH, Joshua Rose, Editor of American Art Collector



2019 Residency Artists: Juan Logan, painter from TN, Michelle Jader, painter from CA, June Stratton, painter from GA, Brett Schiefflee, painter from NY, Matthew Fifer, film director and actor, Adam Hall, painter from TN, Ethan Diehl, painter from CA,  Kate Houck, art experience creator from NC, Brett McKee, chef from SC



2020 Residency Artists: Coulter Fussel, mixed media artist from MS, Dan Estabrook, photographer from MA, William Fifer creator from NY, Matt Arnett, art historian and filmmaker from SC,

and more to come….

RLS Charity


Robert Lange Studios and artists all understand the importance of charitable giving. Each year RLS artists donate well over $40,000 in original art work to organizations ranging from the national American Heart Association to local charities like school drives. In addition, the gallery space itself is offered to local charity organizations for events free of charge and a number of RLS artists volunteer their time working with students.  Each year RLS works with local charity “Feed the Need” donating around $9,000, plus an additional $15,000 in art work to the “Dining for a Cause” event. Also, in 2014 we established the RLS scholarship fund, providing an annual scholarship to one graduating senior majoring in art at the Collage of Charleston.  The award is given each year to an artist who plans to stay in Charleston and create a body of work after graduation. This fund in 2021 was renamed the Karin Jurick Scholarship after the passing of our artist and friend Karin Jurick.


Submitting to RLS or Group Shows


Simply email 6-8 recent works along with a link to your website and anything else you would like to include.  We would prefer that you not send physical submissions or pop in with a portfolio.  Robert and Megan take each submission seriously and you can expect an email response back.  Once or twice a year we host group shows that are often theme based and artists are welcome to resubmit for that specific show, including shows we curate at the Vendue Hotel.  You can keep an eye out for call for entries on our Facebook, twitter, and blog pages.


Our goal is to propel creativity!






Robert Lange Studios