Kerry Simmons 15 | Jan

Excited that Kerry’s show is next month – opening the First Friday of February!! 

First Friday of Jan. 30 | Dec

Megan Aline solo Jan. 7th – all day pop-in from 11-7

Anywhere With You 09 | Nov

Found the magic in between takes. “Anywhere With You” 8×8 oil on board. Heading to the gallery soon.

Jessica G


New from Paul 22 | Oct

New paintings in progress in Paul Cristina’s studio.

Show from Durfee Coming 21 | Oct

Can’t wait for this show next month – opening first Friday of November from artist Nathan Durfee.

New small painting 22 | Sep

16″ x 12″, The Hidden & Unknowable, oil on linen, 2020

∆ joshua ∆

In Process 22 | Sep

This is a detail of a painting going to the Process show in October.

In this wacky time of Covid 19 I have been thinking a lot about my process.

Before Covid 19 I might be working on 4-6 paintings at a time.

Now seems like a particularly good time to slow down and contemplate the
details more extensively.

This means for me no more than two paintings at a time.

So I can go all crazy with the realism in the areas that fascinate me like

There will also be the novel shenanigans in gilded texture within this
painting. More process later 🙂

~ cheers,


I’m Working On… 22 | Sep

…something a little different in this 3×11” painting. And Lauren is making me laugh in the next shot of me shooting the scene last November.



“Into the White Slumber” 22 | Sep

New one for upcoming RLS group show. 20″x20″ (oil on Aluminum panel)

Carolina Dreaming 22 | Sep

Any time you have to consider reflections when painting landscapes, you
know you’ll have a decent challenge ahead. Painting this one through the
rippling salt marsh creek was a fun one, but I still find painting marsh
grass to be the most difficult and tedious. That being said, this one is
done for August’s 20 x 20 landscape show. “Carolina Dreaming” oil on
panel, 20 x 20 in.


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