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Casting Texture – Secco-Fresco 05 | Dec

My recent artwork has been influenced by Antonio Gaudi. I'm applying texture
elements within my paintings. These photos are a glimpse into my process.

The first photo is a detail of the completed American Beauty painting.

The second photo is an in-progress photo of American Beauty showing the
decision making as to where pieces of plaster casts should be placed in the

As in American Beauty there can be over 25 handmade plaster casts in each
painting. Some large area pieces for the background, then going to smaller
floral medallions and sometimes each petal or leaf is cast separately.

As seen in the third photo these casts are made by pressing usually organic
objects into clay then pouring plaster into the clay and pressing linen into
the wet plaster. When the plaster dries you can then peel the linen and
plaster cast away from the clay.

These pieces are generally very thin as shown in the last photo.

I cut each piece to fit into place. Then I adhere and fortify these casts
with modeling paste (marble dust and adhesive). After a drying period and
added sealer I can then paint or gild the secco-fresco.

Voila! New art beginnings!

~ June

This Is My… 04 | Dec

...latest finished painting, “10,000 Acres Waltz.” It is oil on panel and measures 11 x 11”. $3,200. -jb.



Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot 01 | Dec

June and I were lucky enough to have twins model for us on one of our photo
shoot days in Savannah. We got some great shots of them together but also
were able to photograph them apart so I could capture motion and June could
capture portraits. From this session, I found a few images that I loved,
adjusted the color in post production when I got back to my studio in San
Francisco, developed the composition, and then painted my twirling images
on three different semi-transparent acrylic panels in different shades

Inside Out
44" x 34"


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Chrysalis 15 | Nov



This was the first oil painting that I started working on and just finished for the December show. The beautiful form created by model and aerialist Rachel on her backyard hoop, made me want to explore what it meant to protect yourself and the inner struggle to be seen. 
20" x 24" 

More to come!

Interview with Savvy Painter Podcast is live! 14 | Nov

Fun interview with Savvy Painter Podcast.

> Adam Hall
> Instagram: @adamhallart

Process 07 | Nov






I'll post the finished piece soon. - Megan


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