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These Dreamers are Mighty! 09 | Jun

See Nathan Durfee’s newest body of work all month long!

Lion Dreaming 36” x 36” oil on panel

I’m So Close… 06 | Jun finishing this painting. So I thought I would post five photos of it so you can see what six weeks of painting looks like. Scroll down to go back to the first layer of paint







Kelly Jelinek Lion 30 | May

Roar of Noir 24” x 20” x 16” mixed media just arrived!

ARC International Finalist 30 | May





Pleased to announce “A Dark Kind of Angel” and “This Way” were chosen as finalists in the 14th International ARC Salon. The competition brought 4,300 entrees from 73 countries around the world.


In Print 16 | May

Paul’s in the frame 09 | May



“Runs Like A Vein” (Through My Heart) 30 | Apr

New 48"x60" painting inspired by an upcoming song release by singer
songwriter named Michael Logen. I'm creating a couple of paintings
completely inspired/imagined by his new music.
-Adam Hall

new from David 29 | Apr

an exquisite new piece form David Eichenberg, Enjoy!

finding balance 29 | Apr


New rock stacking goal.


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