Many many Moons 17 | May

Opening in a few weeks is our moon themed show and it is going to be a stunner!! 

Mia + John 20 | Apr

Our artists Mia Bergeron and John McLeod just arrived to deliver the first batch of paintings for their show!!

On Ted’s Easel 10 | Apr

On Fred’s Easel 10 | Apr

Great Show Opening 03 | Apr


Last night was an incredible night! 

The Listening Room This Friday 27 | Mar

Bring some headphones and join us for The Listening Room Friday 5-8pm.

New Painting 17 | Mar

“Where the Bunchberry Grow” 40″ x 60″ oil on linen Casey Krawczyk

The Listening Room 13 | Mar

The pieces for the Listening Room show – opening April 1 5-8pm, have started to arrive and they are amazing! Here’s one from Marina Dieul. Enjoy!

2022 Show Schedule 06 | Mar

2022 Show Schedule

January – Megan Aline

February – Kerry Simmons – colored pencil

March – KC Collins Solo

April – group show – The Listening Room (each piece is derived from a favorite song with is also title of piece)

May – Mia + John

June – group show – Many Moons -landscape or other fitting genre, each piece features the moon somewhere in the work

July – Fred Jamar Solo

August – Adam Hall Solo

September – Nathan Durfee solo

October – group show – Birds + The Bees

November – Patrick Kramer + Robert Lange

December – Joshua Flint Solo

2023 Show Schedule

January – Megan Aline

February – ??

March – June Stratton solo

April – Brett Scheifflee solo??

May – – group show – ??


KC Collins and The Listening Room 22 | Feb

Up next in March is KC Collins’ landscape paintings and then in April a group show called The Listening Room. Can’t wait!


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