Finally done… 04 | Mar

I've wanted to make this painting since 2014. I started working on it in
late 2017. It's now done. 🙂

"Train of Thought"
36 x 54
Oil on Canvas



New from Fred Jamar 01 | Mar

Spanish Moss 30 x 40” oil on canvas

Row Houses 36 x 48” oil on canvas

Charleston Charm 30 x 36 oil on canvas

The Latest Long Skinny… 24 | Jan completely done! Drop by RLS to see it anytime... ul 134 (this is it) 3x52” oil on panel 2018 $10,000

New Arrivals!!! Have Arrived. 24 | Jan

New Arrivals!!! Have Arrived. Go to the “Artist” page along the menu to see what’s new…..

Looking Around 24 | Jan










This place is shaping up today!

Looking Back, Looking Forward 11 | Jan

Like a lot of people, this part of the year seems to be for being introspective into the past, and seeing what I can learn to inspire and support the upcoming year.
I started working with Robert Lange Studios in 2010 through the Women Painting Women show they hosted. I started my journey with them with the piece, "Blue Kimono":

As an artist, I've taken different paths that have led me in all sorts of directions, as I'm sure they will in the future. I've worked with blurry images, paintings of women, still life imagery, heavily-textured paint applications- the gamut. I enjoy the wanderings, the questions, the mistakes (I'm not even sure I believe in mistakes in art). I've been lucky to be with the Langes and have them support all of my wanderings (literally, ALL the weird directions I've gone in..) I don't forget how lucky I am.
This upcoming year, I plan to delve deeply into the magical/imaginary element that bumps into reality. I am a daydreamer, someone who can literally spend hours thinking and dreaming. I drive in my car and look at landscapes, and wonder what they would look like layered with the daydream I'm having- if my thoughts inhabited my reality. I've done this my whole life and have sort of compartmentalized it into just this "thing" I do. This year, I'm taking that stuff out of my head and putting it in paint. The people I love to paint, my muses, are going to travel. Below is a painting I did last year (sold) that sort of scratches the surface of what I mean. The ideas are endless, and I can't wait to walk this road with you!

See you soon!


New Year… 08 | Jan paintings on the easel.

Coming Soon 03 | Jan

Happy New Year! 03 | Jan

How fun are these Munch socks? I really enjoyed painting this vibrant 8x10. It’s heading to the gallery to greet the New Year.


Some fun paintings 03 | Jan







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