New Little KCs Coming 28 | Sep

Is it too early to shop for Christmas? Not is you love art for Christmas. A bunch of new little KC Collins’ paintings are on the way to the gallery and we can’t wait. 

The Birds and The Bees 27 | Sep

Next Friday we have an opening during the Art Walk. Come join us and see all the bird and bee paintings. Here are two stand out pieces “Taking Flight” 30″ x 24″ oil on canvas from Anna Rose Bain and “Fly Away” 22″ x 28″ acrylic and oil on canvas from Kerry Simmons. Hope to see you at the show. 

Conde Nast Traveler 27 | Sep


Well, once again Conde Nast Traveler has named us one of the top 15 things to do while in Charleston. It’s kind of wonderful since most of the list is museums or attractions and we are a small business. Over the years, we have had wonderful visitors and are lucky to have received plenty of great reviews.  We’ve become known as “the gallery with a swing” that disarms and charms visitors. with a sign on the door that says “all are welcome” and we really mean it. 

Instagram 22 | Sep

These new ones from Robert Lange have created a following on IG. One video has had well over 7M views now. Fun!

New 22 | Sep

These two new pieces are from Robert Lange and Megan Aline. She paints the backgrounds and he paints the animals. 

Coming Together 22 | Sep

Here’s a new little 4 x 4″ from Megan Aline and Nathan Durfee. Enjoy!

Show Schedule 2023 30 | Aug

End of 2022

September – Nathan Durfee Solo

October – Group Show – The Birds + The Bees

November – Patrick Kramer + Robert Lange Duet

December – Joshua Flint Solo

2023 Show Schedule

January – Megan Aline Paintings + Kevin Chambers Sculptures

February – Group Show – Playing Favorites

March – June Stratton solo

April – Brett Scheifflee solo

May – Group Show – Seeds of Inspiration

June – Group Show – New Blood

July – Michelle Jader Solo  

August – Group Show – Cloudy

September – Nathan Durfee solo
October – Group Show – Versus

November – Matthew Bober

December – Little Landscapers

2M + Views 29 | Aug

Robert’s latest painting has had well over 2M views on social media and counting. Go check it out on our IG page.

Nathan Durfee! 29 | Aug

Here we go! Nathan Durfee’s show is this Friday. 

What to Paint 29 | Jun

It’s been so fun to see Fred’s interpretation of local places.  Come join us Friday for the show.


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