7Ft Wall of Water 08 | Oct

Recently delivered this new 7ft tall wall of water to RLS for upcoming
Titled "The Obstacle"
(48x84 oil on panel)

2020 Show Schedule 04 | Oct

October - Mia Bergeron

November - Adam Hall
November - Vendue 19 - Glow (jury show)

December - June Stratton + Michelle Jader

January - No Show

February - KC Collins

March - Joshua Flint

April - Maybe no one at RLS
April - Vendue 19 Group (invitation for charity)

May - RLS GROUP “The Red Ribbon”

June - Nathan + Rob (Rob is gone for opening)

July - Karin Jurick (No art walk in July)

August - RLS GROUP 20 x 20” Landscape Show from 20 artists

September - Kerry Simmons

October - RLS GROUP - Mini solo shows

November - Nathan Durfee
November - Vendue 19 Group (jury show)

December - Adam Hall

January - No Show

February - Paul Cristina

March - Jessica Gordon

April -
April - Vendue Group

When My Wonderful Wife… 02 | Oct

...tells me there is a place I need to see, it always puts a smile on my face for the results are usually future paintings. This Sunday proved no different, with a little help from the trusty ladder and even trustier Subaru!


When I just want a quick extra few feet in height, I simply climb up the window and onto the roof of my car.


The result is a semi-birds eye view of the landscape, just enough to enable you to see the winding shapes made by the creek.



The image above is simply taken standing; the focus is the shoot of light streaming through the landscape. While below the opposite approach is taken, as I was sitting in the grass to get the spartina wisps to create a foreground.



Three different approaches to catch three different places! -jb.

Patch Wiskey’s Painting 29 | Sep



Five Years at the Vendue ! 13 | Sep

Time flies …when you have fun.

Sometimes I Forget Things… 11 | Sep

...like finishing a painting once it has been painted. But with a glaze, a varnish, and a frame repaint, this one is done, done, done! Come drop by RLS to check it out, and this Friday night from 5-8pm will be opening night for our 15th anniversary show!!!







New from Amy Lind 08 | Sep

anniversary show 04 | Sep

Just finished this piece and it will be included in the “Everyone’s a Winner” show on September 16th. See ya there! - George

Loving these! 29 | Aug






Mnemosyne’s Daughters Series 19 | Aug















Mnemosyne’s Daughters Series:

Mnemosyne (pronounced, ni-mo-sa-nee) in Greek literature is the embodiment
of memory and mother of science, art, and literature. As the inventor of
words and language, she preserves the stories of history and myth (and
their entanglement), while being viewed more as a historical figure and
less as a god.

This series of paintings explores the blurring between fact and fiction
that dates back to ancient Greece, and beyond; while paying homage to an
underserved group, female fighters pilots, whose stories aren’t as well
known. The paintings are derived from historical women, however, they
function as archetypes or symbols rather than distinct individuals, and
thus are not portraits.

Even though the Greeks hadn’t realized how identity was formed or culture
preserved, on a scientific level their instinctual blending of fact and
fiction has been reaffirmed through neurobiology and modern scientific
advancements in studies of the brain. We collect experiences and every time
we return to an experience it is recalled differently, and in a different
way, forming new pathways to that memory. This amalgamation of continuously
altered memories forms one’s identity. As we remember others or our pasts
selves myth finds a way in. Analysis of our atomic particles has revealed
we are 70% comprised of star matter, so the worship of the celestial was
also insightful by the Greeks.

Space is the river of time much like memory.

Each piece is 12" x12" made with oils on cradled wood panel.
This series will be arriving very soon. If you are interested please
contact the gallery.


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