The Second Layer… 22 | Sep

…of paint is finished, and this one is just hanging out to dry. In a week or so it will get a glaze to add a little more foggy atmosphere, then a varnish and a frame!



Closing In… 22 | Sep

…on completing the first layer of this 20×20” seascape.







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My New Home Studio Is Complete.. 22 | Sep

…and feeling much like, well, home! My favorite part besides having my wife always nearby are these angled, wing style shelves. I have one for each palette set to a comfortable height for grabbing brushes and color while painting (right) or mixing paint (left). But I couldn’t completely leave the lovely steasel behind, so a magneted painting rag and palette knife holder made the cut. Lastly, in keeping with a small footprint, the color and medium shelves were installed down low, out of the way of future paintings, but still close by.





I Love Hue 16 | Aug

For our upcoming group show next month we asked each of our artists to create a painting highlighting the paint color they are most in love with. Here’s Joshua Flints painting for the show. “Infinity Pool” 36” x 48” oil on canvas – his color was Dioxazine Purple 

For the opening we’ll be displaying the paint tubes with the art.

Show Schedule 2022 16 | Aug

Here’s a look at next year:

Jan. – Kerry Simmons Solo
Feb. – Megan Aline Solo
March – Joshua Flint Solo
April – Group Show – Music Group
May – Mia Bergeron & John McCloud Duet
June – Group Show – Moon Group
July – 
Aug. – 
Sept. – Nathan Durfee Solo
Oct. – Group Show – Artist Couples
Nov. – Patrick Kramer Solo
Dec. – Erik & Nicola Johnson Duet

Feb. – Adam Hall
March – Group Show
April –

Love this piece 05 | Aug

Leitah 24” x 53” x 19” mixed media sculpture from Mary Engel

Playing Chess 27 | May

George has just finished this new one. Here are some process pics. 

New from Brett Schiefflee 27 | May

Still Alive 27 | May

Really looking forward to this upcoming still life show. Each artist has added an element of life to their piece. 

New From Megan Aline 25 | Feb

These new drip ones we are loving from Megan Aline.


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