From Joshua 04 | Feb


Just re-fell in love with this one from Joshua.  Enjoy!

Brett’s Latest 04 | Feb


Latest from Brett in the works for his show.

Paul’s Show 25 | Jan

Can not wait until this show is up! New from Paul Cristina opening First Friday of Feb.

Flowers 25 | Jan

I could really get lost in this one from Kerry Simmons.

Sunday Funday 17 | Jan

Enjoying the view!

Inner Landscapes by Megan Aline, a piece by Anne-Marie Kornachuk, and a couple of Mia Bergeron pieces in the back 


Hard to Focus 10 | Jan

The stress of this past year and current events have made it tough to focus. I try to be gracious to myself…. it’s easy to pile on pressure. Every bit of effort I spend on these, helps me reach my goal of completion and that’s something to be proud of.


Next Show! 02 | Jan

Getting very excited about this new body of work from Megan Aline.

Next Up 14 | Dec

I’m in love with this one…..

Time to pull (and push) it together.


New From Megan Aline 07 | Dec

Lost and Found 4×4 oil and acrylic on panel

City Lights 04 | Dec

Finishing the hand today and getting really close to calling her complete.

“Fine Lookin’ High Horse” 11×14 oil on panel.



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