Flowers 25 | Jan

I could really get lost in this one from Kerry Simmons.

Sunday Funday 17 | Jan

Enjoying the view!

Inner Landscapes by Megan Aline, a piece by Anne-Marie Kornachuk, and a couple of Mia Bergeron pieces in the back 


Hard to Focus 10 | Jan

The stress of this past year and current events have made it tough to focus. I try to be gracious to myself…. it’s easy to pile on pressure. Every bit of effort I spend on these, helps me reach my goal of completion and that’s something to be proud of.


Next Show! 02 | Jan

Getting very excited about this new body of work from Megan Aline.

Next Up 14 | Dec

I’m in love with this one…..

Time to pull (and push) it together.


New From Megan Aline 07 | Dec

Lost and Found 4×4 oil and acrylic on panel

City Lights 04 | Dec

Finishing the hand today and getting really close to calling her complete.

“Fine Lookin’ High Horse” 11×14 oil on panel.


Making Mock-Ups 03 | Dec

Sometimes it’s fun to see what they would look like on a wall. 

Adam Hall Friday 03 | Dec

Join us anytime 11-7 Friday for an all day pop-in event.

2021 Show Schedule 03 | Dec

2021 Show Schedule 

January – No show – Just new works from Megan Aline – Silhouettes + Small Ones

February – Paul Cristina – Abstracts 

March – Jessica Gordon – Figurative 

April – Mini Solo (Google Sheet) – 20 Mini Solo Shows 4-10 works no larger than 8 x 10 

May- Brett Schiefflee – Landscape

June – Still Alive (2 paintings from 10 artists with still life and an element of life) – Matt Bober, Erik Johnson, Patrick Kramer, Patrick Nevins, Anthony Waichulis, George Ayers, Robert Lange, Diane David Craig, Denise Sanabria, Christopher Stott, Nicola Johnson, Both Hollingsworths, Cindy Procious

July – Trio – People Looking Forward – Adam Hall, Karin Jurick, Rob Lange, Jeff + Rob)

August – Fred Jamar – Cityscapes 

September – Matt Bober – Still Life

October – Favorite Color – In House Group Show 24 Artists pay homage to a color 

November – Nathan Durfee – Pop Surrealism 

December – KC Collins – Landscape 


2022 Show Schedule (Maybe)

January – No show but hang February show early

February – Joshua Flint ?

March – Kerry Simmons – Maybe even Landscapes ?

April – “Disrupted Realism” – 24 works from the book chosen from guest curator John Seed ?

 May – Mia + John

 June – 

 July – 

 August – 

 September – Nathan Durfee ? Or October depending on line-up

 October – 

 November – Patrick Kramer 

 December – 


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