Something is Missing 31 | Mar

These two masterworks from Matt Bober have been hanging side by side for quite awhile. Now, the piece on the left has sold and the piece on the right is clearly missing his friend.

Siblings sticking together 31 | Mar

Theres nothing that could make this father/artist happier than finding out the last 2 paintings of Teya and Bear are heading to the same collection. The clients told me they will be hanging together for the foreseeable future.

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Final Painting 31 | Mar

I just put the finishing touches on the final painting for "Migratory" --
April's virtual art show. This one sort of sums up everything that I love
to paint.

"From the Morning" - oil on panel 20 x 24 in.

How we all feel 31 | Mar

I think this photo of Nathan Durfee is exactly how we all feel at the moment.

New from Megan Aline 31 | Mar

There are some new gems in the gallery from Megan Aline. This little secluded beach looks like a nice spot to spend some social distancing time.

Separate you two. 31 | Mar

These paint tubes are definitely not practicing social distancing.

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Reconnecting to inks 31 | Mar


Nathan Durfee

The people who make this place work 31 | Mar



Anyone who is familiar with the gallery knows its these 3 super women who make the magic happen.

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Art Lovers Discount 31 | Mar


A special thank you discount for Art Lovers who are supporting our artists.

Largest collab to date 31 | Mar

Here is the largest collaboration to date for Nathan Durfee and Robert Lange


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