J.B. Boyd

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Born 1978 Montclair, New Jersey


"I want pictorial content without sentiment, but I want it as human as possible." -Gerhard Richter


"It is the instant that makes the mosaic of life a reality, and it is the gift of the artist to be able to pick that apart, mull it over, slow it down, and refine it into an image that can translate that moment back to the viewer. This is why I take so much time in creating my paintings, even to the point where I spend hours simply staring at what I have or have not accomplished, making sure that it is “right.” Each moment exists, so it is my sincere hope that through no lack of effort, will, and technique I can refine it to the point where it translates into a reality for you, the viewer. And make no mistake, it is truly your reality, your moment, and I hope it is beautiful. Because in the end life is beautiful, and the harder you look the more perfect and complete it may be." - JB Boyd


J.B. Boyd is a professional vagabond in search of place. This search is as ambiguous as it is elusive, like the horizon line in the distance. Always changing, it slowly and subtly reveals the continual variation of landscape. Boyd’s oil paintings attempt to capture these transitory moments that embody a lifetime, and stretch them across the life span of a painting. Professionally trained at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and steeped in the tradition of both abstract and realist landscape art, Boyd seeks to create in his paintings modern documents of place.


Boyd paints from an extensive collection of photographs taken throughout his travels. In the studio, the photographs are then cropped, edited, and rearranged in sketches and studies to create the one painted image. The first layer of each of Boyd’s paintings is a graphite sketch, followed by a light burnt sienna wash that creates in monotone the underlying lights and darks of the image. Boyd then slowly works in layers of color, building the tones and hues that capture the saturation of color existing in his work. The surface is meticulously kept flat to preserve the uniformity of space, and the final surface layer is a glaze of cold wax. This layer not only provides an archival/ protective surface for the painting, but also adds the soft matte finish to his work.


Lulled here by the promise of many a long, low horizon line, the artist has called Charleston “home” for nearly two years, though interrupted by time spent in Africa (which was the source for “The Africa Paintings,” a nationally acclaimed solo show here at RL•S). He moved here from the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, preceded by the oceans of California, living in both Carmel and Los Angeles.


He graduated in 2000 from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, with a BFA from Tuft’s University, and spent his first semester at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, PA. Boyd began painting in earnest at the age of fifteen and is most proud (too proud, we think) of being voted most artistic of his kindergarten class.

Before joining RL•S, Boyd has shown his work in Los Angeles at The Space and in New York City at Spike Gallery.

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