Matthew Bober

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I’m from New Jersey just outside NYC and was born in 1978. I currently live and have a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Started my artistic training at 16 at the National Academy of Design, The Art Students League of New York and subsequently at the School of Visual Arts. After a brief career as an illustrator In the late 90’s through early 2000s I took a position as a painter in 2004 working for Jeff Koons. For most of the last decade I’ve painted many of his most important and high profile paintings as well as functioning as the night manager of the painting studio. While honored to have a position at the highest level of the contemporary art world I’ve recently taken a leave to concentrate on my own work. I have shown sporadically over the years yet have never quite found a gallery home, selling paintings through my own networking.



I am currently working on a new series of about 25 paintings that explore my ideas about contemporary art, religious iconography and recurring objects that have a visual personal symbolism.


I think about my still life’s as if they are theatre or religious pieces. I’ve always been fascinated by the history of art as well as the strangeness of the natural world and try to combine that in my paintings. When I design a painting it’s always conceived first in my mind. The colors, the textures and objets d’art are all actors cast to tell a visual story. I like using the same objects weaving in and out of paintings creating a personal iconography and giving them a world to exist in. Nothing I paint would ever just happen to be come upon. I don’t paint nature, I reimagine it.



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