Paul Cristina

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I am primarily interested in exploring ideas and images of human behavior that go underneath the familiar exteriors of everyday life. I want the work to deliver an experience that is unavoidably human. I like the idea of building up a surface that is very physical and intense that has this hidden underlying congestion of material. You have all of this stuff underneath that we know is playing a roll and contributing to that surface, yet most of it remains unseen and outside of our direct observation.
Through this work, I want to confront that place inside of myself where that fear, hate, anger, insecurity and dysfunction resides. I want to explore what might be below the surface of those things – in a place where truths can be found, regardless of how disturbing or unpleasant they may be.
b. 1983, Cleveland,OH
2018 Down Into Folds, Beresford Gallery, Charleston, SC
2018: Born from Tomorrow, TRAX Visual Arts Center, Lake City, SC
2018: Through Birth & Burial, Booth Gallery, New York, NY
2017: We Were Never Told the Truth..(2nd Install), Redux Contemporary Art Center, Charleston, SC
2017: We Were Never Told the Truth About the Dying of the Sun, Beresford Gallery, Charleston, SC
2016: Observations of Death in the Daylight, Tua Lingua Gallery, N. Charleston, SC
2019: ON PAPER, Booth Gallery.New York, NY
2018: INTRO, 535 King St., Charleston, SC
2017: Anonymous, York College. York, PA
2017: The 13th Hour, Booth Gallery, New York, NY
2017: ArtFields Juried Exhibition, Lake City, SC
2017: Two Person Exhibition, Beyond Flesh, Last Rites Gallery, New York, NY
2017: Paintguide, Booth Gallery, New York, NY
2016: The 13th Hour, Last Rites Gallery, New York, NY
2016: The Waiting Room Pt. 4, Pulp Gallery, Charleston, SC
2015: My Language, Circular Meeting Space, Charleston, SC
North Charleston Arts Festival Juried Exhibition, N. Charleston, SC
2014: In Dreams, Tua Lingua Gallery, N. Charleston, SC
2012: Reconstruct/Deconstruct, LOCAL Art Gallery, Charleston, SC
Kulture Klash VII, 10 Storehouse Row Gallery, N. Charleston, SC
2017: Artist Talk on the Current Body of Work, Beresford Gallery, Charleston, SC
2015: The First Place Prize for Fine Art and Drawing, North Charleston Fine Arts Festival Juried Exhibition



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