Jessica Gordon, September 2018

September 7, 6-8pm


Jessica Gordon

About the Exhibit

This show gave me the ability to pause and plan; in that mindset I was able to try a lot of things I had been considering…

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Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, At Summer’s End, features the work of oil painter Jessica Gordon in her first solo exhibit.  Jessica says of the exhibit, “At Summer’s End represents a season of life, the bittersweet feeling of endings and the beginning of something new.”


In her first solo show Jessica, in a realist manner, has tackled some very challenging subject matter, including water and figures.  “Before the show even opens I think Jessica should consider this body of work a huge achievement. The paintings are exquisite,” says gallery owner Robert Lange.  All are welcome to attend the September 7 event from 6–8PM where the artist will be on hand to answer questions.


“This show gave me the ability to pause and plan; in that mindset I was able to try a lot of things I had been considering for awhile. I wanted this body of work to have variety in almost every aspect. This included the way I used the figure, variety in palette choices, in complexity to simplicity, and works ranging from serene to mysterious,” said Jessica. “At Summer’s End embodies the fleeting and wondrous moments that make up life; its overwhelming joy, stunning beauty, its heart wrenching pain and all that’s in-between.”


Many of the works in the show include elements of water and create a feeling of rebirth and cleansing. Jessica says about one painting of a figure nearly submerged in water and adorned with flowers, “”In Bloom” was born from the desire to create a painting that was simply beautiful. I wanted to paint a still-life but decided to incorporate the thread of water and figure. All of the mess I created to capture this image was worth the vibrant end result.”  


Overall the exhibit is the perfect example of Jessica’s ability to paint well beyond her years.  She says of the painting titled “This Way”, “I set out to create a painting that evokes a sense of mystery. I do not want to provide a specific story for this painting, as creating their own narrative gives the viewer a roll in the process.”


In “A Dark Kind of Angel” Jessica paints a youthful and mysterious figure engaging the viewer with confident eyes. “I love painting strong, bold women,” Jessica said.  “In this piece she’s not fearful of the rain, she’s not fearful of the late hour, she’s not ashamed of her body. Not only did I capture these attributes with my muse but I was able to try something I wanted to do for a long time; shadowing a figure and illuminating the background.”


One collector’s comment in anticipation for the upcoming show is, “I was honored to take home one of Jessica Gordons’ first paintings to be shown at Robert Lange Studios only a few years ago and I’m delighted to hear that she will now be exhibiting in her first solo showing.” Sarah Willms, from South Carolina said.  

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