Amy Lind, December 2011

Opening December 2, 5-8 pm


Amy Lind

About the Exhibit

“Hello Up There” depicts a little girl with a handful of colorful balloons smiling in amazement as she waves up to a stilt walker clad in striped pants towering above

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Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, step right up to Robert Lange Studios! Come and experience the wondrous sights of artist Amy Lind’s “Circus of Wonders.” Her series of 15 marvelous circus-themed oil paintings is coming to town! Lind will be at the December 3 opening from 5:00 – 8:00PM, which will showcase festive treats and drinks for the public to enjoy. On view through December 31, the exhibit can be seen daily from 11-5PM at the 2 Queen Street location.

 This series of paintings evokes that feeling of being a little kid again. Popcorn, cotton candy, balloons. “Hello Up There” depicts a little girl with a handful of colorful balloons smiling in amazement as she waves up to a stilt walker clad in striped pants towering above her. The afternoon sun glows through the red and white stripes of the circus tent while a large friendly elephant thrills a young family in the painting “Under the Big Top.” In “The Jolly Joker and the Gentle Giant” the viewer is greeted by two jovial clowns standing in front of an old painted sign.

 The process of finding and composing models was much more complex for this series than in Lind’s previous work. After living in Los Angeles for almost a year and seeing her husband, a video producer, create many fanciful worlds for his characters to inhabit, Lind was inspired to create her own world with the props, costumes, and models at her fingertips. After casting 16 actors/models and renting a real circus tent along with many vintage circus costumes and props, she was eager to compose and capture the stunning spectacle.

 Lind shares her enthusiasm saying, “It was amazing to see my visions come to life. I enjoy selecting outfits and arranging spaces, but this took it to a whole other level of excitement! Some of my favorite circus elements are the bright colors and graphic shapes found within the costumes, face paint, tent stripes, etc. Anytime I can put a miniature hat on someone’s head and not have viewers question it is just fun! I love the fantastical nature and degree of wonder that are automatically associated with the circus.”

 With the introduction of these new elements, Lind still maintains her masterful ability to paint captivating qualities of light. Many paintings display cascading daylight on the figure similar to her previous work, while others take the opportunity to show diverse and more dramatic lighting.

 2010 has been quite an honorable year for Lind. After her painting graced the cover of “Art Calendar” magazines nationwide, she was accepted into the prestigious Oil Painters of America 19th Annual National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils as well as the Oil Painters of America Western Regional Show.

 For her fifth solo show in four years at Robert Lange Studios, Lind does not disappoint. The audience can expect to be greeted with many fanciful and light-hearted moments. In addition, some of the paintings show quiet moments of introspection behind the curtain. “Star” catches a glimpse of a glamorous showgirl wearing a large feather headdress simply sitting and resting her smile.

In “He Loves Me, He Loves me Not…” the showgirl sits at her dressing table holding a flower. She plucks its pedals one by one in anticipation of love. The shadows of two figures are seen through a nearby curtain. It is only a matter of time until she sees them, or has she already? The combination of straightforward and inquisitive imagery gives a sense of depth and sophistication to Lind’s latest intriguing body of work.

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