Aline, January 2022

January 7, 11am - 7pm (artist 5-7)


Megan Aline

About the Exhibit

“Unseen Roots,” features the works of landscape painter Megan Aline but with a bit of a twist, Aline paints landscapes within the silhouette of a figure…

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Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, “Unseen Roots,” features the works of American landscape painter Megan Aline but with a bit of a twist, Aline paints landscapes within the silhouette of a figure. Aline says, “As an artist I spend a lot of time reflecting inwardly as I paint outwardly. I like the idea that we have an “inner landscape” – a map created from emotions, ideas, and sensations collected throughout our lives.”

Aline is known for her ability to create quiet contemplative landscape scenes within the human form, making her work uniquely both figurative and landscape. The title of the show “Unseen Roots” comes from he artist’s desire for individuals to reconnect with mother nature. Aline says, “One of the things we are being confronted with, is this “cooling of the human heart” towards nature. In my work I want to remind people that nature is a part of them, that we are built of it and we can find ways to reconnect to that source.”

Each painting in the show is of a silhouette with rich colorful landscapes painted to form their bodies. As for Aline’s motivations for painting, she says, “As we become increasingly disconnected from the natural world, I think the memory of nature becomes even stronger inside each of us. If you only spent weekends in the woods or summers at your grandmothers or you have a park you visit from time to time, it becomes the quiet space inside you that you can escape to even when you aren’t there.”

Gallery owner Robert Lange says of Aline’s work, “ It has been incredible to watch these inner-landscape paintings evolve over time and as the backgrounds and paint application has evolved to be more refined, the overall connection viewers have to the work has also grown.” There will be over 20 pieces in the show ranging from smaller 4-inch paintings to larger 4-foot paintings, giving art lovers the ability to bring a little or a big piece of nature home with them. All are welcome at the Jan. 7 opening reception that will be an all day pop-in from 11-7 where the artist will be on hand to answer questions from 5-7pm.

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