Nathan Durfee, Robert Lange

Opening December 4, 5-8 pm


Robert Lange

Nathan Durfee

Michael Moran

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For this collaborative show, called “Different Strokes,” they each began five paintings in their own style and then handed them off to

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Robert Lange Studios Presents “Different Strokes”

Opening on Dec. 4 from 5 – 8PM at Robert Lange Studios 2 Queen Street is a wonderful collaborative show entitled Different Strokes. This show will consist of 10 works, each 16″ x 20,” five started by Robert Lange and finished by Nathan Durfee and five started by Nathan and finished by Robert. The show is both an investigation into the collision of two unique styles, and an exercise in relinquishing control over the finished piece. The show is anchored by a black walnut console table built by woodworker Michael Moran; mounted to the table is a tiny door that opens to the painted worlds of Lange and Durfee.

Come out and celebrate the gallery’s 5th anniversary.

The Post and Courier PREVIEW
By Olivia Pool

‘Different Strokes’

Robert Lange and Nathan Durfee thought it would be fun to see what would happen if they worked on some paintings together.

Their styles are vastly different. Lange’s paintings are hyper realistic and detailed and are often of figures or still life. Durfee’s works are colorful narratives of made-up creatures that live patchwork worlds. This doesn’t sound like the most feng shui pairing one could make, but actually, the melding of their worlds is surprisingly Zen and, frankly, a whole lot of fun.

For this collaborative show, called “Different Strokes,” they each began five paintings in their own style and then handed them off to the other. The result? Ten amazing paintings, each representative of their individual styles, but working together beautifully on each 16-by-20 panel. Expect to see things such as a Lange-styled Buddha sitting in a Durfee field with a large, pink Durfee elephant hovering above him in “Michael’s Light Hearted.” Or an angry panda a la Durfee who is sitting in a precise Lange hand amid a bunch of heavenly Durfee clouds. The painting is titled “Grumpy Till the End,” and the angry panda has thrown down his harp and is about to toss his halo.

Nathan Durfee and Robert Lange combined their talents for ‘Different Strokes,’ shown at Robert Lange Studios, 2 Queen St.
And the jewel of the show is a collaborative piece with Lange, Durfee and accomplished woodworker Michael Moran.

Moran is creating a console table, on top of which there will be mounted a small door (about 16 by 20). The little door will rotate, and when opened on one side, there will be a Lange painting inside and a Durfee painting on the other side.

It’s going to be awesome.

And if you’re a collector, you might want to call the gallery before Friday.


By Tara Miller

What do you get when you mix an abstract “doodler” with a hyper-realism artist and a furniture maker? Gold. Pure gold.

Different Strokes, the final show of 2009 at Robert Lange Studios, opened this past Friday. The exhibition’s title hints at its concept: a show made up of eleven works of art, each piece a collaborative work of two or more artists.

And the verdict is in: One is good. Two is great. Three is genius. Especially if the threesome in question is Nathan Durfee, Michael Moran and Robert Lange (pictured from right to left).

“This show was a new experiment. We wanted to try collaborating and see if it worked,” says Durfee. “It was difficult to let go of control and not worry about the end product, but in the end we all trust each other as artists, and we know that we will be okay with whatever comes back.”

It all began when Durfee, an abstract painter, asked Lange, known for his hyper-realism, to paint a tiny lion in the background of one of his paintings. The idea officially snowballed. Ten of the eleven works in the show are collaborative paintings by the two (five started by Durfee and finished by Lange; the other five started by Lange and finished by Durfee).

The eleventh piece is the real show stopper. It is a massive black walnut console table built by local furniture artisan, Moran. Sitting on top of the table is a rotating framed door that can be opened from either side. When you open one side of the door, you find a painting by Lange; when you open the other side of the door, you view the same exact scene, only painted by Durfee. It’s like Narnia without the clunky wardrobe. Three different artists, two different mediums, one beautiful work of art.

“We wanted the pieces to be laid back and fun – a starting off point for future collaborations,” explains Moran. “We wanted to dip our toes in the pool. And we realized, ‘Hey! There is a lot more pool out there!’”

One thing is for sure…there is a lot more where this came from.

“Charleston is a great city for artistic collaboration,” expresses Lange. “There is such camaraderie between artists here in Charleston. We really have an egoless art community.”

By the looks of it, Different Strokes is the literal fruition of artists working together to progress the city’s arts scene. Perhaps the melding together of different styles and points of view happening in these works will translate to our community at large. In the meantime, art us up.


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