Stratton + Jader, December 2019

December 6, 2019


June Stratton + Michelle Jader

About the Exhibit

The artists continued to share ideas, and because they were both painting the same models, were continually inspired by each other…

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Double Vision

A Duet Show from June Stratton and Michelle Jader

On view: December 6 – December 27

Opening Reception: December 6  5-8pm


Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Double Vision, features paintings from artists June Stratton and Michelle Jader.  The body of work was created as both a collaboration and also an independent study by two artists showing different interpretations of the same subjects. The work will hang until in December 22 as possibly through the month of January as well and can be seen daily from 11-5pm, please check Holiday hours.  Both painters, Stratton working in oil and gold leaf and Jader in oil on acrylic panels, have been recognized separately for their unique painting abilities and featured in numerous art magazines.


These two artists paint emotionally filled figurative pieces but in very different ways, using different mediums. Stratton initially builds up her background composition using oil paint in multiple layers and various thicknesses and then adds gilded elements that stand off the canvas.  Jader, using the same models as Stratton, adds an element of motion to the show by working on multiple panels of acrylic. All are welcome to attend the December 6 event from 5–8PM where the artists will be on hand to answer questions.


Stratton says of the paintings, “The title Double Vision appeals to me not only because the show includes two artists who have two different visions but because the phrase double vision has multiple meanings. We as artists can be looking at the exact same thing and have entirely different interpretations. I think one of the things that Michelle Jader and I have in common is that we portray the feminine figure not as just a beautiful subject. We both like to try to portray what’s in the inside of a person. Not just the beauty on the outside but on the inside; we want to show both simultaneously in our art.”  


The two have worked in tandem, speaking weekly as they plan their show.  Jader said, “I left my studio in San Francisco to spend four days with June in Savannah and Charleston, collaborating to capture the essence of female strength and vulnerability. June and I worked together on every detail including the settings for our models, their wardrobe, props, lighting, etc. Together with 6 models we choreographed and photographed fleeting moments of strength, grace and beauty and gathered the images we would later use for our paintings.”


After the initial photoshoot the artists were then challenged to independently create what would become their paintings. Jader said, “Once we left one another after the photo shoots, each of us had to go within ourselves to develop our own voice and vision. We had to trust the unfolding process independent of each other and without trying to shape the outcome.“


Over the next few months the artists continued to share ideas and because they were both painting the same models, were continually inspired by each others interpretations.  Stratton said, “There’s very similar motion and passion in both Michelle’s representation of the model Nelle Iccovozi and mine.  In Michelle’s piece she’s spinning in obvious movement, joy perhaps. My painting of Nelle it’s not quite certain whether she’s moving or happens to be in a light breeze. Both versions I think have a certain mystery to them.”


The paintings will hang in the same room allowing the viewer to side by side see the two artist’s visions and also experience the entire immersive show in its entirety. 

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