Kerry Brooks, April 2012

Opening April 6, 5-8 pm


Kerry Brooks

About the Exhibit

This classically trained contemporary artist with her solo show featuring a series of fifteen beautifully detailed Prismacolor pencil drawings of intricately cut pieces

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Through the month of April and opening on April 6 from 5-8 p.m., Drawing Paper, showcases the Prismacolor pencil works of artist Kerry Brooks. Robert Lange Studios presents this classically trained contemporary artist with her solo show featuring a series of fifteen beautifully detailed Prismacolor pencil drawings of intricately cut pieces of paper adorning classic models.

Local Gibbes Museum director Angela Mack will be at the Friday opening to introduce the exhibit. Kerry Brooks studied at the Repin Academy in St. Petersburg, Russia and at the Ukrainian Academy of Art in Kiev. Most recently Brooks’ was awarded the Escape to Create residency in Seaside, FL, where she completed many of the works for this most recent series.

“This residency has allowed me a full month to explore the medium of colored pencil,” says Brooks. “The result is a consistent body of work that is both fanciful and spare. ”

Brooks has radically changed the tradition of colored pencil by lifting the medium into a realm normally reserved for formal oil paintings–an unexpected approach that has generated a new relationship between the artwork and the viewer. The first piece to be created for the show is an example of this; Calm Under Chaos conveys a sense of grace through the reverberation of poetically implemented paper forms within the drawing. Wildly curling pieces of paper activate the drawing’s surface in a unique way, forcing the viewer to lean-in and closely inspect the result.

“We’ve seen many of our clients whose collections consist of only paintings open their assemblage to this new medium because of the exceptional quality of the work,” says gallery owner Robert Lange.

For this show, Brooks has extended these visual experiments into real space by including the paper forms originally used in the staging of vignettes for the finished pencil drawings. Spectators are given the opportunity to examine the three dimensional creations that have gone into the making of the final two-dimensional work. The innate fragility and near weightlessness of the paper pieces lend a sense of kinetic energy to the overall presentation.

Such implied movement can be seen within a number of the drawings as well, Brook’s Angel, which incorporated thin paper elements—such as a shawl around the model—that appear to fluctuate in space. False Restraint for example, features curved and angular paper wrapping around the models neck, appearing to bend as the subject breaths.

“The use of paper within the drawings is intended to enhance the overall meaning within each two-dimensional piece,” said the artist. “I love how paper is, in a sense, one of the most delicate of all building materials and therefore one of the easiest to manipulate through crumpling, tearing and cutting. With this new series I wanted to extend my interest in paper arts into a method for applying attributes to the figure. It’s been an experiment in discovering ways to express meaning within figure drawings and also to express my subject’s internal life or emotion in an allegorical manner. “

Digital images are available upon request. Contact Megan Lange at (843) 805-8052 or info@robertlangestudios.com.

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