KC Collins, March 2019

March 1, 5-8pm


KC Collins

About the Exhibit

To drift, or be carried away both talks about my process and also my subjects. As a part of my continuing exploration into sea and…

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Contemporary Landscapes by Artist KC Collins

March 1 – March 27, 2019

Opening Reception: March 1, 5:00-8:00 PM


Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Drift, features the work of the contemporary landscape artist KC Collins. Drift, is a meditative body of paintings that chronicle the areas around the artist’s home in Charleston, including the barrier islands, Lowcountry marshes, and pristene southern beaches. Collins’ is known for her soft, atherial landscapes. For this series she expierimanted with new canvas shapes to explore familiar subjects.

“To drift, or be carried away both talks about my process and also my subjects. As a part of my continuing exploration into sea and cloudscapes, these paintings are from moments in nature that cause us to pause and appreciate the uniqueness in a scene that is seemingly commonplace,” says Collins.

Collins’ painting style is unique within the landscape genera; she departs from traditional hard edges and crisp lines and instead creates soft almost blurred paintings. The end effect is calming.

Collins uses a type of brush called a mop brush, similar to a women’s blush brush, to slowly soften the edges of her work and she often paints water. Collins says, “Painting the ocean feels like home to me. With this body of work, I chose to push myself to experiment with new color palettes, compositions, and perspectives that I haven’t painted before. I feel like our best work often stems from the confluence of comfort and the unfamiliar.”

The title piece for the show, “Drift” is a painting of a curling wave. The 36-by-36 inch oil on panel piece, although depicting a crashing force is soothing to view. “The painting “Drift” embodies what I am trying to achieve with the theme of the show. We often think of a wave as something that is a constant pattern of the same thing. I see each wave as having a personality and energy that is unique. I find myself watching the ocean, studying the variation in each wave. The positive/negative shapes of the sea foam, the lines, shadows, and curves. In this specific painting, I found inspiration from standing on a pier looking down at the ocean from a vantage point that felt completely new to me.”

This exhibit is a celebration of the peace and mindfulness that exists in the natural world and Collins’ desire to bring that feeling into the home. For the first time she decided to work on a round canvas. Collins’ says, “After I started the larger paintings for the show, I experimented with a small round canvas. I’ve never been particularly inclined to paint on a round surface, but once I started planning compositions to fit this shape, I couldn’t stop. For months after that, I’ve dedicated my evening hours in the studio to these 8 inch round paintings.“


The exhibition will hang from March 1 – March 27, 2019, and a festive reception, featuring music, wine, and hors d’oeuvres, is open to the public on March 1, 5:00-8:00 PM, in conjunction with the First Friday Art Walk.

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