Amy Lind, May 2014

May 2 5-8pm


Amy Lind

About the Exhibit

The paintings in the exhibit focus on the theme of Flora, as depicted through the female figure and flowers…

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Words from American Art Collector.  

For the first time in four years artist Amy Lind will mount a solo exhibition at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina. The paintings in the exhibit focus on the theme of Flora, as depicted through the female figure and flowers. They also are a celebration of life and beauty, and explore everything from life’s dichotomies to growth and evolution. In the paintings there also is an allusion to Flora, the goddess of flowers and one of the goddesses of fertility.


“Amidst the beauty on the surface there, of course, is much depth inside each person’s soul,” says Lind. “While Bittersweet represents this dichotomy of joy and sorrow, contentment and suffering, I’ve chosen to focus overall on a sense of

optimism. Rather than dwelling on pain, the pomegranate is but a tiny element among a sea of vibrant alive flowers.”

The pomegranate in the painting symbolizes fertility and infertility, and the unknown of what comes with a pregnancy. Lind also likens the flowers to fertility with their cycle of life—there is a beginning and an end. Another fleeting element in the painting is the setting sun. “The sun is just about to set—it’s that magic hour—the lighting is quite beautiful and represents the end of the day and moving on to the next day,” she shares. “There is hope. You move on and hope for a new beginning and a new gift in the future.”


Another painting in the show, titled Anew, is perhaps the most melancholic. “It really

represents the idea of hope and renewal,” says Lind. One symbolic element in the painting is the daisies surrounding the woman floating in the water. Because of the daisy’s lifecycle—being open during the day and closed at night—Lind pulls parallels with rebirth, renewal and new life directions.


Blossom is “the epitome for this Flora character and the beginning stages of growing into herself as a woman,” explains Lind of another work in the show. “Blossom depicts an element of uncertainty. A young woman entering into womanhood is faced with insecurities and lacks the confidence that only experience can bring.”

The exhibit, Lind’s fourth solo show with the gallery, runs May 2 to 23.

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