Megan Aline & Adam Hall, August 2015

August 7 5-8pm


Megan Aline

Adam Hall

About the Exhibit

I would watch a brush fire brew over the dry fields of Iowa or an old farm house become overwhelmed…

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Adam Hall Says:


Hall About the fire paintings “Moth To Flame” and “Everything’s Not Lost”:

Lately, I’ve had this natural pull towards painting large distant fires . Those consuming fires we may just catch some smoke remains of in the sky, but gathers our full curiosity. As a teenager I once sat for hours on the rooftops of Rio Bamba, Ecuador watching a volcano miles away erupt ash and smoke all over the streets. It was mesmerizing and at the same time unsettling. As a kid I would sometimes ride along w my step father, who was a local volunteer fireman, to watch controlled fires be extinguished. Always safely in the distance, I would watch a brush fire brew over the dry fields of Iowa or an old farm house become overwhelmed by smoke. There’s a sense of some great loss occurring at times, but also a time of renewal that happens. This is a new element for me to paint, but one I’m hoping will connect on some familiar level w viewers.


Hall About Working with Megan Aline:

There are a lot of parallels between myself and Megan’s work that I’m excited to see unfold with this show. Both of us, seem to at times pull our inspiration from the same bank of childhood memories or life experiences. An attempt to recapture some spirited moment or perhaps just a sense of place in time.

Megan’s work has a powerful depth behind it and a bit of nostalgia that I feel truly draws the viewer in for more. Her paintings have a rich substance to them, which I believe is attributed to who she is as a human being. Who we are and what we surround ourself with cannot help but to manifest itself into the work we create on some level. Megan’s work is a great example of that. To have this opportunity and to create work next to such an artist is really an incredible moment for me. There is so much I have to learn from her work and am just truly grateful.


Megan Aline Says:

Aline About smaller paintings:

For me, the works in “littleBIG” are a visual journal of past years. I have found that I am drawn to small moments from life and just as I only remember little parts of these moments, I’ve chosen to document these images of partial memories on small canvases.

I realized about five years ago that I loved making small paintings. I love little brushes and being able to hold a finished piece in one hand. I enjoy the act of moving a brush from one side of a canvas all the way to the other with one motion. Not only do I love the act of making a small piece but there’s something very satisfying about being able to create works without the pressure of time. I think many artists struggle with an ever ticking clock, there is just so much that needs to be expressed in paint but never enough painting hours in a day. As soon as I started working small the pressure of time disappeared. If I mess-up a piece halfway through I no longer beat myself because I need to start over, instead I just sand down the piece and begin again.


Aline About Working with Adam Hall:

For me, nature has a transformative power. Its ability to evolve and change is effortless. Filled with effortless brushstrokes, I find a similar rejuvenating power within Adam’s paintings. They are as beautiful to sit in front of as the landscapes that he is painting from and I feel honored to be having a show with him. I’ve spent hours in the gallery looking at his clouds, getting lost in his forests and finding inner piece looking at his waves. One of his water pieces hangs next to me in our home studio and it provides a point of inspiration when I need it.



The Gallery says,

“There is an innate poetic mystery within both Adam and Megan’s work. Time and time again, I witness people connect to the underlying spirit that exists within their paintings.” – said Robert Lange, Owner of Robert Lange Studios

There is a quote from Tom Robbins that says “The mission of the artist in an over-technologized society is to call the old magic back to life,” I believe both Adam and Megan do just that. – Robert Lange, Owner of Robert Lange Studios

The Collector says,”On very different scales of course, both Adam and Megan, paint beautifully and I believe the art we choose to surround ourselves with is an expression of our own desire to be beautiful.” – Myla Fletcher, Charleston SC

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