Dunegan, Duckworth, June 2009

Opening June 5, 5-8 pm


John Duckworth

Jessica Dunegan

About the Exhibit

Fluid movement and the passage of time are the two concepts bring Jessica Dungan and John Duckworth together for

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Fluid movement and the passage of time are the two concepts bring Jessica Dungan and John Duckworth together for a show on June 5, 2009. The show, appropriately titled “Fluid,” embodies the sense of drama and mysticism that has been captured within these two artist’s paintings. Robert Lange Studios will unveil the works during the French Quarter Gallery Associations’ June Art Walk from 6-8PM.

Duckworth and Dungan’s finished pieces evoke similar ideals of beauty, purity, and romance, however, each artist finds inspiration in a different place. The drama in Marchel Duchamp’s “Nude Descending Staircase” gave Duckworth the inspiration for his new paintings.  Whereas, Dungan has been inspired by the light and beauty created by historic chandeliers. Although using different references, both artists’ works are encased in layers of resin, often referred to as liquid glass, giving them a fluid almost wet finish.

Duckworth started a photo series in homage to Duchamp and Gerhardt Richter that became the sketches for his new paintings. Deconstructing the images and painting with pure color erase the harsh lines of reality and leave floating figures descending and twirling.

“The discovery of free space emerges from each painting,” says Duckworth of this new series.  “My artwork is characterized by an intense love of movement, color theory and a fascination with these captured moments.”

To compliment Duckworth’s figurative paintings, Dunegan’s chandeliers also appear to move and float in space. However, Dunegan’s process begins by pouring layer upon layer of resin and paint creating an overall transparency.  These layers encapsulate the opaque paint, allowing the structure of the chandelier to radiate light around its core.
“These elaborate sculptures of crystal, metal, and light have witnessed over 600 years of our history and carry with them the stories played out beneath their refraction,” says Dunegan. “Their power is defined not only by their physical beauty, but also by their memories.”
The exhibit will coincide with the French Quarter Art Walk on June 5, 2009 from 5-8pm with light refreshments.

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