26 Artists, November 2011

Opening November 5, 5-8 pm


Adrienne Stein, Terry Strickland, Sara Scribner, Shane Scribner, Jonathan Yoerger, Hirona Matsuda, Jonathan Brilliant, Karen Ann Myers, Michael Moran, Sandra Flood …

About the Exhibit

Twenty-six contemporary artists come together to exhibit, Fortunate, featuring over forty art works accompanied by the fortunes used to inspire them

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Twenty-six contemporary artists come together to exhibit, Fortunate, featuring over forty art works accompanied by the fortunes used to inspire them. The exhibition will hang through November 2011, and a festive reception, featuring music, wine, and hors d’oeuvres will take place on the first Friday of November, November 4 from 5-8PM.

Fortunate unfolds with a general theme: Twenty-six artists let a fortune inspire their painting and one artist has created an enormous sculpture of fortune to celebrate the theme. At Robert Lange Studios’ 2 Queen Street location, artists will present the painting and underneath, mounted to glass, will be the tiny little blue and white proverbs, which inspired the pieces. Visitors will encounter paintings as well as ideas from living artists that are progressing the Charleston contemporary art scene and will have the unique opportunity to get a painting they love and the fortune that inspired it.

 “It’s always fun to incorporate ideas that force viewers to spend an extra moment with each painting,” says gallery owner Robert Lange. “They evaluate the piece and then after reading the tiny fortune have to look at the painting again.”

 Familiar to RLS, painter Ali Cavanaugh creates realistic figurative works in watercolor; her fortune reads “just be yourself; you are wonderful.” The painting that accompanies the fortune is of a young confident women looking directly at the viewer. KC Collins in contrast creates soft, loosely painted blurry scenes, her fortune says “good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees” and with a literal translation she has painted a forest of thickly wooded trees.

 Erik Johnson creates tightly rendered narrative works in oil and his painting is of a white daisy being sprayed with red paint. His fortune read “the night life is for you,” but not leaving anything up to chance he crossed out the word “night” and substituted the word “artist’s,” so the fortune now reads, “the artist’s life is for you.”

 Additional contemporary talent will be presented, including artists Adrienne Stein, Sara Scribner, and Terry Strickland who had paintings in RLS’s group show Women Painting Women, as well as sculptors Jonathan Brilliant and Hirona Matsuda.

 “Group shows give so many different artists a chance to shine,” says gallery owner Robert Lange. “When you are only focused on created one new piece and you know it will be hanging along side forty other works from their peers, you lay your best brush strokes down.” 

Please visit or call for more information 843.805.8052. Digital images of art works are available upon request.

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