16 Artists, October 2008

Opening October 7, 5-8 pm


Amy Lind, Kerry Brooks, John Duckworth, Robert Lange, Nathan Durfee, Julie Henson, Megan Aline, Michael Morrison, Jessica Dunegan, Adam Hall …

About the Exhibit

Fresh, has been developed to introduce these young artists to the traditional collectors of the reawakening city, and to provide a sense of solidarity among Charleston’s contemporary

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Nine local contemporary artists collaborate to exhibit new work at Robert Lange Studios through the month of October; in a showfeaturing over sixty art works, entitled Fresh.   The exhibition’s central theme is youth within tradition and will hang from October 1-31, 2008 with a festive reception, featuring music, wine, and hors d’oeuvres, is open to the public on October 3, 5:00-8:00 PM, in conjunction with the French Quarter’s Anniversary Art Walk, in downtown Charleston, SC.

Fresh, has been developed to introduce these young artists to the traditional collectors of the reawakening city, and to provide a sense of solidarity among Charleston’s contemporary art community. The exhibition unfolds with a general theme:  No Dead Artists.  Visitors will encounter images, ideas, and living artists that are reshaping the direction of Charleston contemporary art.  In the volume of space at Robert Lange Studios, selected artists from the gallery will present their best work, not medium specific.

With all of its thick history and modern transplants the city of Charleston is a mixed art market. There is a fresh element of contemporary work emerging against the area’s traditional market.  These galleries display diversity, stellar talent and variety that are more or less showcased in larger cities and urban areas.

RISD graduate and gallery owner, Robert Lange, with his hyper-realistic style, is extremely prolific, only 26-years-old, and has very desirable prices hovering around ten-dollars per square inch.

“Charleston is becoming more and more progressive,” says Lange.  “The emerging underground art scene and the influx of contemporary galleries have been instrumental in creating a more divers landscape for both artists and also enthusiasts to enjoy.”

Fresh is dramatic, engaging, and critical, immersing visitors in powerful encounters with the best contemporary, experimental art in Charleston including the works of Amy Lind (b. 1983), who studied portrait painting at the Florence Academy of Art under “living master” Maureen Hyde and with Michael Grimaldi at the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier. She graduated Summa Cum Laude and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Lind’s commitment to the academic tradition when painting the figure is evident in her constant attention to light and form. 

Photographer John Duckworth, (b. 1972) is the oldest artist to be featured in the show. A nonconformist of classical photography, he expands on the abstraction of Low Country landscapes and American cityscapes, experimenting with blurred lines and slight exaggerations of color.  

A Charleston favorite, JB Boyd (b. 1978) has a unique painting style within his genera. Boyd’s painting style is a contemporary update of the American landscape tradition and continually exceeds the expectations of collectors. In this particular show Boyd demonstrates his ability to meticulously render the details of the landscape in which he is immersed.

As a renaissance city with an average age of 33-years-old, the rich pageantry of art and culture thrives in a multitude of forms and styles.  The continuing trend in Charleston’s fine art is towards reinventing tradition. With artists like John Duckworth using acrylic and epoxy to depict Charleston row houses as haunting abstracts and JB Boyd creating oil paintings that transform conventional marsh senses.  Both of these postmodern young painters as well as the entire line-up for the show give collectors familiar subjects in unique and progressive ways.

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