Robert Lange, June 2010

Opening June 4, 5-8 pm


Robert Lange

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The paintings include scenes where, at first glance, nothing seems out of place

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Robert Lange has spent the last five weeks in Nepal on a 150-mile hike through the Himalayas. Inspired by the idea of surrendering as an artist, he created a series of paintings that portray people in possible but not plausible situations. On June 4, 2010 the show, “Go,” will be unveiled at Robert Lange Studios from 5-8PM with a reception that is open to the public.

Lange’s Go series, inspired by his recent trip, is composed of twelve works. The first eight paintings were fueled by the anticipation of this trip and upon his return the final four pieces are a reaction to the experience. Along with the new works, Lange has created a short film highlighting moments captured while exploring Nepal.

In describing this body of work and the trip, Lange states, “The goal of this journey was to reclaim the use of my imagination. Along the way I was graced to find an entire culture radiating contentment. The people of Nepal, regardless of age, still possess their childhood abandonment and each person is willing to connect and share their happiness.”

In the past year Lange’s realism has teetered on the edge of surrealism, most notably in his Measure Creatures Great and Small show last July, where he shrunk massive animals to palm size morsels. The work for this show is no different in its playfulness; the paintings have a sense of, as Lange calls it, “magical reality.”

The paintings include scenes where, at first glance, nothing seems out of place. “Go” is the title painting for the show; the 36-by-36 inch oil on panel work shows Lange’s ability to create works that exist in both realistic and imaginative worlds. The piece depicts skydivers barreling down toward the Himalayas. It is only upon closer inspection that the viewer sees that the skydivers are without parachutes and not separate individuals but the same person at various stages of freefall. For the opening night Lange will be giving away 500 10-by-10 inch prints of the piece.

On giving away the prints Lange says, “Whether it be overwhelming sadness or joy, adventure or calm, I hope the paintings capture those moments when our humanity sings and I want every person to leave the show with a reminder of that feeling.”

A casual wine-and-cheese reception open to the public will be held on Friday, June 4, 2010 from 5-8 p.m. and the work will hang until June 25.

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