Nathan Durfee, Megan Aline December 2012

Opening December 7, 5-8 pm


Nathan Durfee

Megan Aline

About the Exhibit

Humming Velvet is a collaborative series by artists Nathan Durfee & Megan Aline where both

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Humming Velvet is a collaborative series by artists Nathan Durfee & Megan Aline where both artists are painting on the same canvas. The two have come together to create a body of work athat highlights both of their unique styles while playing on their individual strengths: Durfee’s storytelling and Aline’s atmospheres. The exhibition will hang through December 2012, and a festive reception, featuring music, wine, and hors d’oeuvres will take place on the first Friday of December, December 7 from 5-8PM.

Humming Velvet is a playful body of work with a general theme: Two artists paint in conjunction with unexpected outcomes. At Robert Lange Studios’ 2 Queen Street location, the body of work will be curated with Aline’s individual paintings on one side, Durfee’s on the other, and in the middle the series of paintings as the artists come together. Visitors will encounter paintings that merge two styles in a uniquely contemporary way and have an opportunity to get one painting created by two very different artists.

“What started out as a spontaneous first painting, evolved into a series and now two shows later we’ve really learned how to work together to create paintings,” said Durfee.

“I especially enjoy how there is a playful juxtaposition between my bright colorful characters against Megan’s softer atmospheres and environments,” says Durfee. “She works in completely different color palettes than I do, so its forcing me to explore different color realms; over time I’ve adapted my color palate to accommodate her and in doing so have discover new color schemes. These new colors have found their way into my individual work as well.”

Durfee’s paintings are often larger scale pieces but for this show many of the works are smaller, there is even a series of 4” x 4” paintings. “Forcing me to paint smaller and having works in miniature helps inform my own work,” said Durfee. “Because Megan works smaller I’ve adapted the scale of my characters but they still have larger than life personalities.”

Aline’s paintings are often described as quite and sentimental. Durfee in contrast creates bold, brightly colored works. The crosspollination of works allows for a result not possible as individuals. Aline said, “I feel like I’m setting the scene and he’s dancing on the stage.”

In one work for the show, Aline created a forest at dusk filled with countless trees. “The last thing I would have thought of for that piece would be a high-diving pig but that’s the beauty of these; I feel like witnessing Nathan’s responses to my paintings further informs the moods I wish to create and in turn pushes me to challenge him.” The piece titled “Pip Finds His Passion” is a perfect example of an unexpected outcome.

Please visit or call for more information 843.805.8052. Digital images of art works are available upon request.

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