Erik Johnson, October 2012

Opening October 5, 5-8 pm


Erik Johnson

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Erik Henry Johnson’s pieces for the show are tightly rendered thought provoking works in

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A self-taught painter creates a new body of paintings that seek to make the un-heroic things in life monumental for his October solo exhibition “Leap.” Erik Henry Johnson’s pieces for the show are tightly rendered thought provoking works in a minimalist style. The exhibition can be seen daily through the month of October and opens on October 5 from 5-8 p.m. at Robert Lange Studios. Johnson’s work has been collected across the country and can be seen in the new issue of American Art Collector and recently Johnson graced the cover of the City Paper as “One to Watch.”

The exhibit is the artist’s first solo showing of works in the historic French Quarter district of downtown Charleston but Johnson became very familiar with the Charleston area formerly as a delivery driver.

“I had a job that was sucking the soul out of me,” said Johnson. “These paintings are metaphors tied to my own leap of faith.”

In a number of the works for the show Johnson has used fish in bowls as metaphors for people in a corporate lifestyle. In one piece titled “Corporate Culture,” which is oil on panel, Johnson painted three very different gold fish trapped in tiny bowls stacked on top of each other.

The title piece for the show “Leap” is in stark contrast to the piece “Corporate Culture,” in this painting the loan fish is free. “There’s nothing else but that fish, nothing surrounds it. We don’t know where it came from or where it’s going. For me that represents where I am as an artist,” says Johnson, “There’s a grace associated with that picture.”

“And no matter your condition, you can deal with all things gracefully,” said Johnson. 

To Johnson the blank canvas is an irresistible invitation, representing endless possibility but also opportunity for continued growth and improvement.

“Every artist starts with a blank canvas and in between the blank canvas and the end there’s this beautiful process,” says Johnson.

One client, David Ramson, said of this new body of work and Johnson’s paintings, “There is a creative edge to Erik’s metaphoric language; I find myself constantly trying to unravel the foundation of his concepts.”

Digital images are available upon request. Contact Megan Lange at (843) 805-8052 or info@robertlangestudios.com.

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