Aline + Sheifflee, July 2019

July 5, 5-8pm


Megan Aline

Brett Scheifflee

About the Exhibit

Both artists have the ability to tell a story with their paintings without an obvious narrative element; this exhibit’s common theme is just that, spaces that leave room for the viewer to…

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Many Long Walks

Landscape Painters Megan Aline + Brett Sheifflee

On view: July 5 – 26

Opening Reception: July 5, 5-8pm



Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Many Long Walks, features the works of landscape painters Megan Aline and Brett Sheifflee.  Sheifflee says of the exhibit, “What makes this body of work truly special for me is knowing that Megan’s little painted worlds and my own will come together on the same walls to be something new, to be a kind of conversation we can’t have just on our own.  I think it’s going to be a show where people want to slow down, observe, remember and perhaps plan their next trip out of the daily grind.”  All are welcome at the July 5 opening reception from 5-8 where both artists will be on hand to answer questions.


“Every time one of Brett’s paintings arrives in the gallery I get a ping of joy. They are both the paintings I love to view but also the types of scenes I love to paint.  Usually devoid of an overt narrative, his work just allows the viewer to calmly enjoy the scene.  I really admire just how soft and peacefully he paints,” said Aline, who is both the gallery owner and also an artist in the show.


Aline and Sheifflee are known for their ability to create quiet contemplative landscape scenes.  The title of the show “Many Long Walks” both artists, like landscape painting in general, felt a connection to. “A lot of people have a daily ritual of taking a walk somewhere, whether it’s for exercise or to just get out in the natural light and experience the sounds and smells of nature.  Most of my paintings in the show are derived from reference photos, notes and memories that I have from these walks and hikes of my own.  The paintings being panoramic landscape scenes give the viewers eye a distance to traverse and little details to take in along the way, almost as if you are in the scene and are thinking of what lies ahead, or where you will go next.  Although these experiences are often comforting, not all of the paintings read as pure love notes to nature, some scenes are shrouded in the fog of night, or depict approaching storms that build tension and create an ambiguous narrative.  Like being out in the world, you never really know what you will see or find and that in part keeps you wanting to go back.”  

Both artists have the ability to tell a story with their paintings without an obvious narrative element; this exhibit’s common theme is just that, spaces that leave room for the viewer to create their own stories. “Growing up in Maine, I spent a good bit of time roaming by myself. There is something that happens when you find yourself alone with your thoughts as a child; your imagination starts to unabashedly flourish.  As an adult, through meditation, painting, and adventuring into nature, I’ve found access to this same magical childhood space.  The paintings in “Many Long Walks” embody the idea of adventuring outside of yourself in order to find-out more about who you are internally.”   


“I am drawn to the outdoors in a barefoot kind of way; I think I need to be physically connected to the earth to feel normal.  As I paint and appreciate a tiny leaf on a tree, I feel connected to it as if I’m honoring it by noticing it.  This connection fulfills something, perhaps a story or a journal of what I am seeing. As I document the natural world in paint, I relive the adventure I experienced to discover it, and then I get to share this story with the people who see my work. It’s very fulfilling,” said Aline.


Overall the exhibit is the perfect example of both artists’ desire to bring a piece of the outside in but to also inspire the viewer to go outside. Aline says, “This particular body of work I hope is inspiring both on a creative but also on an adventuring level.  Brett and I both speak a language in our paintings with a desire to inspire the viewer to go out and learn the language for him or herself.”

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