Durfee, June 2019

June 7 5-8pm


Nathan Durfee

About the Exhibit

“This show will stand out from my previous shows in its scope of size and focus in theme.” Owner Robert Lange adds, “Anytime Durfee takes center stage in the gallery, you know it’s going…

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Mighty Dreamers

Pop Surreal Paintings from Nathan Durfee

On view: June 7 – 25

Opening Reception: June 7   5-8pm



Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Mighty Dreamers, features the work of oil painter Nathan Durfee.  Durfee says of the exhibit, “The show celebrates the power of the human spirit.  Not only is it a body of large works, but the narratives showcase strength and guardianship.  Along with the narratives are paintings of each character closed eyed and dreaming, a moment of rest for both them and the viewers.”


Durfee has become recognized for painting fanciful realities. Each painting is extremely unique although the same characters will often appear in multiple works.  For this show Durfee said, “Complimenting the narrative paintings are a collection of ‘Dreamers’, which are portraits of characters with their eyes closed.”  All are welcome at the June 7 opening from 5-8pm, where you can come see these dreamers and their dreams.   


Although he tries not to play favorites, of the 36” x 36” painting of a panda he said, “‘Panda Dreaming’ is one of my favorites of this series.  I have removed any sense of narrative or setting and have focused solely on the details of the character.  I’m finding peace in the Panda’s expression while also hinting at the dreams occurring below the surface.”


Although panda is his favorite the painting ‘Oliver Fills In’ a 48” x 60” oil on panel painting perhaps best illustrates what Durfee is trying to convey with this series.  He said, “‘Oliver Fills In’ exemplifies what the show is all about.  Oliver takes center stage, using his talents and abilities to the fullest extent of creative expression. There are aspects of strength in each painting, but also aspects of guardianship.  Not only is Oliver supporting his fellow musicians, just as a single parent strives to sculpt their own identity as well as their child’s.”


Durfee’s previous shows have been defined by narrative elements; telling stories to tie the paintings together within the body of work but also over the gamut of the artist’s career.  The end effect showcases the overall growth and possibility of his artistic style.


“I’ve been doing solo shows with Robert Lange Studios for 10 years now, and many of the characters have been featured in my works since the beginning. Not only am I adding more to each character every time I paint them, but in turn the work is informing me WHY I paint them.  The panda made his debut in 2009 as ‘Angry Panda’, comically meeting his death over his refusal to ask for help.  As I continue to revisit the Panda, I’ve put him through the gamut of emotions and experiences.  I know he eventually dies angry, but I am working backwards trying to figure out how he got there,” said Durfee.


Overall the exhibit is the perfect example of Nathan Durfee’s unyielding ability to consistently evolve as a painter. He says, “This show will stand out from my previous shows in its scope of size and focus in theme.” Owner Robert Lange adds, “Anytime Durfee takes center stage in the gallery, you know it’s going to be a bright day.  His whimsey translates across all age ranges.”


One collector’s comment in anticipation for the upcoming show is, “When I heard it was Nathan’s tenth show I couldn’t help but marvel at the growth and maturity that he exhibits, solidifying himself as a mainstay on the Charleston art scene,” said Mylo Charles from Charleston, SC said.  

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