Karen Ann Myers, February 2013

Opening February 1, 5-8pm


Karen Ann Myers

About the Exhibit

Mouthful of Diamonds is a dramatic and engaging series of paintings that explore how geometric patterning can relate to the posing

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Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Mouthful of Diamonds, features the work of the contemporary narrative artist Karen Ann Myers. Mouthful of Diamonds is a dramatic and engaging series of paintings that explore how geometric patterning can relate to the posing of figures within an intimate setting like the bedroom. Karen Ann Myers will be at the Feb. 1 event from 5–8PM, which is open to the public. The work will hang until Feb. 22 and can be seen daily from 11-5PM. 

Myer’s unique and often meticulous painting style captures the smallest details, including individual patterns within larger patterns, creating a backdrop for the stripped-down model to interact with the space, resulting in a complex narrative.

“I paint for documentation; capturing not just the world around me, but also within me. I think of all my paintings as psychological self-portraits, whether I am painting myself or someone else. These portraits are my version of a written diary. Each painting marks a specific time in my life and documents the objects of importance at that time. They are short stories, mini-narratives influenced by my intimate experiences with friends, family, and lovers,” said Myers of her painting style.

The intimate scenes, which place the viewer in the bedroom, create a voyeuristic sense of perspective. These intimate views relay how complex life and sexuality can be, and capture the artists own feelings through the elegant sophistication of the painting process.

During nearly two dozen individual photo-shoots while working with models in their personal spaces, Myer’s, for each of the 15 new works, captures a single image that will then be translated into a painting. “The women in my paintings are women I know personally and I strive to represent some part of their personality. They are strong, beautiful, independent and complex. It’s my job, as the artist, to capture their innate quality and translate it into a painting,” says Myers. She then edits the photos back in her studio, sometimes using several images of different textures and patterns to create a compilation of intersecting angles and lines. The first layer of paint blocks in these shapes and establishes bright tones of color, while the next layer tightens the detail and refines the color to a naturalistic light, after days of building, finally, the paintings are finished and glazed.

In “Mouthful of Diamonds,” I have become interested in exploring the geometric pattern and posing the models to resembling the pattern’s structure. For example, the model’s limbs mimic the angles and shapes in the bedding, rugs and other ornamentation,” says Myers.

Myers’ painting, “Deco Diamonds” is an impresive 36-by-60 oil on canvas capturing a mysterious moment as the model’s shadow itersects with the patterning behind her. She appears confident in her positioning by the timid positioning of her feet and sudtule nuances in her face give the viewer a reason to reconsider. “Deco Diamonds” was one of the first paintings created for this series, which became a launch pad for the rest of the exhibition. The repetition of diamond’s structure carries through the figure and background, harmonizing the composition,” said Myers.

“My bedroom, and more specifically my bed, has always been an important physical space, where I spend most of my time when home, reading, working, eating, etc. It’s interesting to note that the women in my paintings were not captured in their own bedrooms like most people think, but were actually photographed in my bed. The rooms in my paintings do not exist and are fantasies of rooms I wish I had. Using collage techniques, I have the opportunity to create any combination of bedrooms that hold objects that are important to me or have some sort of significance.”

Myer’s painting style is a contemporary update of traditional portraiture and continues to exceed the expectations of collectors. Myers currently lives and paints in Charleston, is a graduate of Boston University, and studied at the University of London as well as Michigan State University, and works as the assistant director of the Halsey Institute.

Please visit or call for more information 843.805.8052. Digital images of art works are available upon request.

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