35 Artists, November 2013

November 1 5-8 pm


35 Artists from around the world

About the Exhibit

North vs South isn’t just a thing of physical location, these artist express state of mind, and heart and soul deeper than what soil they are standing on…

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Thirty painters come together to exhibit, North vs Southfeaturing two works of the same size from each artist, one that is inspired by the subject or theme South and one by subject or theme North.  The exhibition will hang through November 2013, and a reception, featuring music, wine, and hors d’oeuvres will take place on the first Friday of November, November 1 from 5-8PM. This event is part of CFADA’s Fine Art Annual Weekend and on Saturday a number of RLS artists will be painting in Washington Park as part of the event from 9 – noon.


The gallery has hosted similar competitive themed shows in the past with Yellow versus Blue and Black versus White. Visitors will encounter a collection of paintings inspired by opposing themes and will be asked to evaluate the stronger collection of work, casting a ballot if they so choose. When the show comes down at the end of the month, the ballots will be counted and a winner will be declared.


“I love group shows that involve a healthy feeling of competition, we are hosting our own artistic version of civil war, just without the political agenda or animosity,” says gallery owner Megan Lange. “I’m already looking forward to the visitor who comes to the gallery expressing allegiance to one side or the other, and is then forced to evaluate the paintings and choose which body of work is truly stronger.”


A guest artist for RLS, painter Anne-Marie Kornachuk creates representational figurative works in oil. Her northern work “Yellow Lake North” features an intimate study of the nape of a woman’s neck from behind while the rest of her upper torso is wrapped in an iridescent saffron cloth. Her southern counterpart “Yellow Lake South” is equally anonymous featuring a romantically rendered set of knees and lower thighs while the rest of her lower body is cloaked in the same saffron fabric.


Gallery owner Robert Lange has created two conceptually surreal works for the show. In “Northern Height” an Adonis-like man is depicted, arms outstretched hovering at the base of a redwood tree. The perspective is from below looking towards the top of the forest. “In my northern work, I was hoping to depict the strong sense of work ethic and ambition that existed in my New England Upbringing,” says Lange. In the southern work, “Southern Sight” a nude woman is perched atop a city in an outstretched yoga backbend. Behind her is an atmospheric glowing sky with a rainbow spanning the entire scene. Lange says, “In this work I wanted to reflect a sense of simple beauty and ease that exists in the south. People are likely to show their vulnerability while not being afraid to call a rainbow magnificent.”


“Concept based group shows, where artist are asked to really explore an idea have become or favorite kind of group shows,” says gallery owner Robert Lange.


Full artist list: Sergio Lopez, Robert Lange, Nathan Durfee, JB Boyd, Erik Johnson, Megan Aline, Joshua Flint, Kerry Brooks, Michelle Jader, Fred Jamar, Karen Ann Myers, Adam Hall, Jessica Dunegan, Charles Williams, KC Collins, Alia El-Bermani, Amylee, Anne-Marie Kornachuk, Cindy Procious, Amy Guidry, Arturo Samaniego, Matthew Bober, Greta Ault Van Campen, Jhina Alvarado, June Stratton, K Henderson, Frank Gonzales, Shane Scribner & Sara Scribner, Tony Chimento, Henry Schreiber, Candice Bohannon, Sarupa Sidaarth, Brett Schoffie, Hilary Siber, Ryoko Taji

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