Bergeron, Lind, Cavanaugh, November 2012

Opening November 2, 5-8 pm


Ali Cavanaugh

Amy Lind

Mia Bergeron

About the Exhibit

Robert Lange Studios presents these three women painters, each with their own unique styles, coming together to

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On view through the month of November and opening on November 2 from 5-8 p.m. with a festive reception, Nuance, showcases the paintings of Mia Bergeron, Amy Lind, and Ali Cavanaugh. Robert Lange Studios presents these three women painters, each with their own unique styles, coming together to create an exhibit exploring the female form. Each painter has created a series of eight new works.

Amy Lind says of the show, “In this new body of work, I have focused on the nuances of a single subject in various rooms of her childhood home, now just an empty frame of a house. As she quietly recalls her past, memories come flooding back along with an array of emotions. The familiar scent of the air and the whisper of the soft breeze through the cracked window remind her of her first kiss, her first love, her first heartbreak. In an attempt to express a variety of moods, I have explored the different spectrums of light and color that exist in each room and how they affect the figure. I have also concentrated on depicting the delicate gesture of the figure. Specifically, the positioning of her hands plays a role in revealing the subtle narrative. Her eyes and the direction of her gaze, often poignant, give the viewer another piece of her story. It is not just her story, though, that I wish to convey. I hope that these contemplative moments evoke feelings of nostalgia in the viewer, as it is the collection of memories – both joyous and painful – that shape who we are; They are worth a moment of reflection.”

Ali Cavanaugh goes on to describe her work for the show. “I’ve had a handful of concepts that I’ve wanted to paint for a while. A few have been on my mind for years. These concepts would often come along when there wasn’t a place for them at a given moment. Individually, I would say, they were sort of misfits in my sketchbook. They were worth painting; they simply didn’t fit in with the roll that I was on. So I would set them aside for a later date. With this upcoming show, Nuance, an opportunity opened up. My misfits have found their place.

In this most recent group of paintings, my works are larger. I’ve enjoyed opening up the composition, providing space for the figure in which to move. Additionally, the larger scale has allowed me to give more of the figure. As a result, the viewer is able to more fully enter into the experience. Common themes in my work, contemplation, perception and intuition, are carried through and are foundational in these new pieces.”

Mia Bergeron says, “For the theme of “Nuance”, I wanted to explore how technique and application of paint can communicate ideas. I have spent the past few years exploring the treatment of edges, or how two boundaries of paint meet. Sometimes an edge is lost, sometimes it is razor sharp, sometimes it is somewhere in the middle. I find a lot of poetry in this part of painting. For me, it is a bit like life and relationships. Some parts of life are very clear, defined, significant and well observed. Other parts can be blurred, lost of definition, and mysteriously enticing. I find the idea of nuance, a subtle shift, to be right in line with how I look at edges and design in a subject. Nuance, for me, is the part of nature, life, and art that is overlooked, but full of wonder and mystery. In music, sometimes it is the silence between notes that holds the most intrigue. Likewise, the negative space in my paintings is a place where I like to wander and question. It is in these subtleties, whether they be in the overlooked areas of space and life, or in the indefinable aspects of relationships and edges, that I find beauty and admiration.”

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