Adam Hall, November 2019

November 1, 6-8pm


Adam Hall

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Nothing like waking up in the morning and heading into the studio to…

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Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Out of Hibernation, features the work of the contemporary landscape artist Adam Hall. Out of Hibernation, is an introspective body of paintings that show the artists struggle to reinvent and emerge a new.  Hall is known for his moody larger scale landscapes and single figure amongst nature works.


“The title for this upcoming exhibit  just landed into my thoughts one night while painting “Red Bear”, which was one of the most challenging paintings to create.  “Out of Hibernation”, I felt really captured the essence or spirit of this whole group of paintings.  Reflecting on how my life and others who are close to me, have emerged out of so many different seasons lately. Seasons of surrender, hardship, rest, growth, and all of the above. It encompasses all those moments when you come out on the other side of a specific season in life with a renewed perspective.  We are sort of being born back into the world again.  Re entering with a new path ahead and ready to fully embrace what is has to offer.  I’m in love with those moments when I see something like it’s for the first time, almost as if your seeing something the way a child sees the world.  Becoming a father to 3 kids now has def un fogged my adult lenses in a lot of ways and brought back a more lust for life. Hopefully, the viewer will see the light peering through in the distance on some of my work and experience a real sense of Hope and meaning,” says Hall. 


Hall’s style of painting is dramatic. Large swaths of paint will gesturally flow across the canvas, creating waves or branches. He will often put a lone faceless figure observing the landscape.  


Two works for the show “Yellow Fox” and “Red Bear” both show a single person hidden within their raincoat. The 48-by-48 inch oil on panel pieces, are more narrative than landscape. “You could say, that these two paintings are brothers.  Above our 2 boys headboards have always been a bear and fox symbol. The idea was originally spawned from my mild anxiety and internal conflict with regard to slowly releasing my boys out into the wilderness that is life.  That healthy loosening of my grip more and more at every stage and knowing that I’m going to wake one morning without them snuggled up next to me.  They are naturally seeking their independence and will eventually pave their own beautiful paths in the world.  Each figure is faced with a daunting task ahead of them to navigate with a clearing ahead. Light piercing through the distance showing signs of hope and beauty ahead,” said Hall.


The final piece for the show is a massive oceans cape titled “The Obstacle”. “Nothing like waking up in the morning and heading into the studio to then stare up at the daunting task of a empty 7ft tall canvas.  It’s an fun obstacle in and of itself.  This painting has a level of abstractness to it in the sense that I’m not tied to any photo reference.  Once I figure out my palette and rough sketch, then it becomes a free flowing process and state of mind.  With no real idea of how it will end up, this approach allows for an amazing inner dialogue to form and intuition to kick in.  My goal was to create a subtle gradient from light to dark traveling down the painting.  There is an obstacle of sorts to get through as your eyes climb up the painting before reaching the moments of rest or more rural sections.  It’s so true that part of what makes life so meaningful is directly related to overcoming the challenging obstacles in front of us,” said Hall. 


This exhibit is a celebration of both technique in the application of painting and nature in the subject of the paintings. The exhibition will hang from November 1  – November 22, 2019, and a festive reception, featuring music, wine, and hors d’oeuvres, is open to the public on November 1, 5:00-8:00 PM, in conjunction with the First Friday Art Walk.

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