Fred Jamar, May 2010

Opening May 5, 5-8 pm


Fred Jamar

About the Exhibit

Twenty-five new paintings that explore the artists’ unique perspective of city life, void of busy cars and hectic people

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Opening on March 5, Private View, showcases the paintings of local favorite Fred Jamar, who was born in the village of Stembert in Southern Belgium and has spent his adult life traveling the globe and painting. There are no continents and very few countries he has not seen.  Robert Lange Studios introduces a series of twenty-five new paintings that explore the artists’ unique perspective of city life, void of busy cars and hectic people.

On view through March 26, the exhibit is Jamar’s first with Robert Lange Studios but one of many in the artist’s fifty-year career.  A festive reception open to the public will be held on March 5 starting at 5 p.m. featuring wine and music.

“ Using his vocabulary of stylized bubble trees, crisscrossing power lines and cobblestone streets, Fred’s paintings give the viewer a quiet moment within the city,” said Robert Lange, gallery owner. “Fred sees the busy world we live in, filled with the colors of life but paints empty streets, communicating a kind of voyeuristic privacy.”

Jamar’s exhibition depicts one-of-a-kind moments created from images captured from his many travels through city streets at dusk.  The focus in his series lies within the strokes of color set against a prussian blue sky, which tell a story that is both serene and chaotic at the same time.  His paintings offer a personal interpretation of being surrounded just before nightfall by shimmering light and the enchanting energy that exists as the streets sit quietly for only the viewer to enjoy. 

“Through these paintings, I hope to share the sensation of traveling through a familiar yet foreign urban landscape,” says Jamar. “I want to offer the viewer an opportunity to be entranced by the subtle electricity of the atmosphere and completely engulfed in a shared experience.”

Over fifty years, Jamar has investigated painting the world in many ways.  He has won numerous awards and has paintings in private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

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