Amy Lind, November 2009

Opening November 6, 5-8 pm


Amy Lind

About the Exhibit

This classically trained contemporary painter’s exploration of the human profile was inspired by a drawing she recently

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Amy Lind’s new series of Profile paintings will be on view through the month of November and will open on November 6 starting at 5:30 at Robert Lange Studios during the Charleston Fine Art Dealers’ Association’s (CFADA) Fine Art Weekend.

Artist Amy Lind, who studied at the Florence Academy of Art under “living master” Maureen Hyde and with Michael Grimaldi at the Bay Area Classical Artist Atelier, has created this series of fifteen works to illustrate the subtle beauty of the moment; the detail of lace, the creases of a hand, or the light dancing in a reflection.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

This classically trained contemporary painter’s exploration of the human profile was inspired by a drawing she recently discovered.

“It’s line drawing by John Singer Sargent of Mme. Pierre Gautreax, the same model as in his famous Madame X,” says Lind, “I was amazed by how just one line, a simple profile shape, so eloquently describes her form, emotion, likeness and attitude.”

Lind’s desire to capture simplicity translates within each piece.  “Upon closer inspection patrons discover tiny nuances within Amy’s paintings,” said gallery owner Robert Lange of this new series. “She captures the overall essence of a person by building each piece of the painting as an individual moment.”

Lind’s show is part of the CFADA Fine Art weekend, with events including exhibits on Friday, plein air demonstrations in Washington Park during the day on Saturday with the Charleston Art Auction to follow Saturday night. This year in addition to Lind, patrons can visit with Fred Jamar, Nathan Durfee and Robert Lange all painting in the park on Saturday.

CFADA is a non-profit organization and the Fine Art Weekend is designed to raise money for art programs for local schools.  For eleven years the organization has been donating money and this year CFADA’s goal is to hit $150,000 in cumulative donations. 

“Lind’s show is a perfect match for the CFADA weekend.  Her inspiring works will hopefully inspire patrons to buy the auction items and attend the auction, both of which have proceeds going to schools,” said Lange.

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