Karin Jurick, March 2018

March 2, 6-8pm


Karin Jurick

About the Exhibit

I’ve featured a wide range of artists’ works in my museum paintings for 10ish years, including Sargent numerous times.  I learn from painting their works, like…

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Contemporary Paintings featuring John Singer Sargent by Karin Jurick

On view: March 2 -23

Opening Reception: March 2, 6-8pm



Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, Sargentology, features the work of oil painter Karin Jurick.  Sargentology is a collection of paintings depicting people in a museum setting viewing paintings.  The work will hang until March 23 and can be seen daily from 11-5pm.  Jurick, currently located in Georgia, has become recognized for her dynamic paintings of masterworks and the viewers who admire them and is enthusiastically collected throughout the United States and Europe.  


Jurick builds up her compositions using oil paint in multiple layers and various thicknesses to compose unique interpretations in paint.  All are welcome to attend the March 2 event from 5–8PM where the artist will be on hand to answer questions.


For years Jurick has been painting images of people admiring artwork as her main subject matter but for this show she wanted to take it one step further and specifically focus on Sargent paintings.  Karin says of the paintings, “I’ve featured a wide range of artists’ works in my museum paintings for 10ish years, including Sargent numerous times.  I learn from painting their works, like many artists before me, it is an intense study of styles, compositions and color choices.


Sargent’s figurative paintings are my personal favorite for the elegance and what I call ‘sweet spots’ in each piece – those wisps of brush strokes that define what fabric the dress is made of, the tiny light spots of paint that make pearls glisten, the strokes of red in the fingers that really matter. I’m simply enamored with Sargent’s style.”


Jurick was both excited and challenged to focus on Sargent. “My progress has been slower than I want it to be, paying attention to details in Sargent’s paintings is important to me.  It’s been a challenge keeping a more-painterly result. I think my respect for Sargent’s work requires a tighter outcome.”


The subject of each piece is the relationship between the viewer depicted in the foreground and the Sargent piece they choose to admire. One of her favorite works in the show is a 12” x 16” piece entitled “Unfettered” featuring “Madame X”. “I would say ‘unfettered’ featuring “Madame X”.  I saw this painting against a red wall years back, and it stuck with me.  It adds to the sultry portrait, the elegance, the boldness of her bareness. Every inch of that painting is perfection.  Women flock to it for different reasons, but all admire it because of the story behind it, the initial rejection from critics and the conquest of it being one of Sargent’s most admired and recognize works in modern times.”


“I’m equally as drawn to Sargent as Karin is, however, I don’t think I have the nerve to actually try to paint one of his works; I commend Karin for boldly challenging herself with this new body of work,” says gallery owner Robert Lange. 


One collector’s comment in anticipation for the upcoming show is, “Karin has one of the most exciting easels to watch, you never know which masterwork will show up next and what type of person will be in front of it.” Fields McCabe from Charleston, SC said.  



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