Adam Hall, October 2014

October 3, 5-8pm


Adam Hall

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As a visual artist, Adam Hall began working mostly with charcoals and …

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Spirit of adventure


In When We Were Young, Adam Hall paints layers of misty clouds hanging over a peaceful landscape of tree-blanketed hills and a hauntingly still lake. Sandwiched into the scene, almost imperceptibly small, are little flickering lights—campfires, perhaps, where fathers and sons are admiring the crackling of the wood and the warmth of the flames. “These subjects have inspired who I am and how I’m wired as a human being, as someone who wants to go on adventures and be out exploring. To build forts and rope swings—to be immersed in nature,” Hall says. “I’m a new dad so I’m reflecting on a lot of these things right now. And now that I’m a dad, I’m really longing to go on another adventure. These pieces came from that idea of wanting to focus on the intense sides of nature, the things that make your heart beat a little faster.”


Hall’s work—minimalist landscapes with evocative moods and tones, and interesting details hidden in his hazy colors—typically inhabit this sense of adventure from which he’s currently reminiscing. In Fuel to the Fire he paints a brush fire’s gray bloom sprouting from a barren landscape. In Crashing Into Us a tornado spills downward onto the horizon. “I’ve always wanted to get closer to everything,” the Tennessee painter says. “When it’s tornado season here, my wife is always telling me to not get so close. I could have easily been a storm chaser.”


The painter’s new pieces are part of a solo exhibition opening October 3 at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to the brush fires and twisters, the show will feature pieces of poignant solitude and calm, including Coming Up for Air, a stunning oceanscape, and Tiny Embers, a scene with an orange glowing campfire. “Tiny Embers has to do with how, as a kid, we would find a place that was in the middle of nowhere and we would camp and build a fire,” he says. “Then we’d leave the campfire to gather wood and look back at the fire from a distance and see the flame. “There is always this stirring in me to get out and see and explore,” he adds. “That adventure is what inspires my work.”


As a visual artist, Adam Hall began working mostly with charcoals and oils. Self taught, he attempts to mix traditional style with contemporary. Using palette knifes and layering techniques he creates a true richness and depth to his work. He has blended his passion for purpose with his artistic vision to create landscapes synonymous with his travels globally to aid those in need. Adam believes every painting is his next opportunity in truly expressing his vision and vibe through landscape. “Art is such a powerful tool and I strive to use it in the most positive way I know how.”While his passion for art began growing up in Wellsburg, West Virginia, his professional artistic career began nearly a decade ago in Nashville. Adam quickly became involved with a local interior design firm whose clientele took great interest and demand for his art. His work is now featured in several galleries throughout the southeast United States.Adam Hall proudly resides in Nashville, TN, with his wife Thais. Adam spends most of his time in his studio in Nashville and continues to discover a fulfilling purpose through art.

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