Karin Jurick, August 2019

August 2, 5-8pm


Karin Jurick 

About the Exhibit

I got the idea for the theme when I painted a smaller piece with Alice Neel’s self-portrait as the subject. She made no excuses, no apologies for her aging…

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The Ladies

Contemporary Paintings of Women viewing Paintings by Karin Jurick

On view: August 2-28

Opening Reception: August 2, 5-8pm



Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, The Ladies, features the work of oil painter Karin Jurick.  The Ladies is a collection of paintings depicting women in a gallery or museum setting viewing paintings.  The work will hang until August 28 and can be seen daily from 11-5pm.  Jurick, currently located in Georgia, has become recognized for her dynamic paintings of masterworks and the viewers who admire them and is enthusiastically collected throughout the United States and Europe.  


Jurick builds up her compositions using oil paint in multiple layers and various thicknesses to compose unique interpretations in paint.  All are welcome to attend the August 2 event from 5–8PM.

“I got the idea for the theme when I painted a smaller piece with Alice Neel’s self-portrait as the subject. She made no excuses, no apologies for her aging body,” Said Jurick. “I titled the piece ‘To Tell the Truth’ and proceeded to make notes of those paintings I’ve admired with women as the subject. My personal favorites like Michelle Obama’s official portrait by Amy Sherald. and the self-portrait by Romaine Brooks.” 


The art world is often a wonderful reflection of what is happening in contemporary society. Jurick said, “The strength and diversity of women has been highlighted in the last couple of years, especially in politics. So, it’s not so much women artists painting women, as it is how different women, different ages, different sizes, different races, different eras have been put on canvas.”


One of the pieces in the show that Jurick enjoyed creating was of Picasso’s ‘Les Demoiselles D’Avignon’, which is featured in her piece ‘Painted Ladies’.  Jurick said about the painting, “A revolutionary, scandalous event when picasso unveiled it in 1916.  Women, in a brothel, portrayed as masked in the new cubism style. Such a departure from the gilded age portraits of Sargent or the soft, pastels of impressionism.”


When asked about why she is a painter Jurick responded referring once again to Alice Neel’s self-portrait, “It was completed in her 80s, she had been painting since her 20s and didn’t receive recognition until her late 60s.  Neel had a long life of lovers and husbands and children mixed with tragedy, nervous breakdowns, and travels around the globe – a full life.  I admire her for painting what she desired to and that’s what I strive to always do.  A quote I love from Neel, “You should keep on painting no matter how difficult it is, because this is all part of experience, and the more experience you have, the better it is… unless it kills you, and then you know you have gone too far.”  I have that quote on my wall, visible as I paint.” The portrayals of ‘The Ladies’ are not meant to be the ‘ideal’ or ‘most beautiful’ women, these are women in art that I have admired, either real women or mythical.”


Karin rarely has a plan for the day but rather starts with several cups of coffee and browses through the hundreds of photos she’s taken. She zeros in on whatever inspires her at the moment and tends to disregard the commercial aspect of her subject and just paints what moves her. “This body of work is a wonderful extension of overall what we strive to convey in the gallery,” says gallery owner Robert Lange. 

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