Thirty Painters, April 2022

April 1, 5 - 8pm


Over Thirty Artists

About the Exhibit

This exhibit is a wonderful opportunity for artists to explore the place where music and visual art intersect in their process…

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The Listening Room

Group Show Inspired By Music

On view: April 1 – 28

Opening Reception: All Day Pop-in April 1, 11-8pm (Artists on Hand 5-8)


Robert Lange Studios upcoming exhibit, “The Listening Room,” features works inspired by music from over thirty painters and sculptors. Gallery owner Robert Lange says, “So many artists I know listen to music while painting and often it helps to elevate their creativity, it seemed only fitting to have music be the star of the show.”

All are welcome at the April 1 opening reception that will be an all day pop-in filled with plenty of music and a downloadable playlist from 11-8 where many of the artists will be on hand to answer questions while patrons enjoy wine from 5-8pm.

This exhibit is a wonderful opportunity for artists to explore the place where music and visual art intersect in their process. Gallery director Curry Ernst, who is married to a musician, curated the exhibit. “The gallery is filled with music every hour of every day, whether it’s someone on the piano that’s popped in to play or by our curation. I loved the idea of giving the artist’s an opportunity to invoke the viewer’s other senses while looking at their work, creating a more immersive experience.” 

Artist Brett Scheifflee while looking for the right song was close to home in finding his inspiration. Scheifflee said, “Years ago, when I first moved to Charleston, I got to know the gallery’s director Curry Ernst, who left a warm and sunny impression on me as I imagine she does on almost everyone.  She mentioned that her husband Brendan James is a real deal musician and turned me onto his music, I began to listen to him in the studio and his song “Simplify” immediately left an impression.  It has an upbeat feel, even though the song itself points out where we have gone wrong in respect to the planet and society.  When thinking of his song “Simplify”, I always visualize the warm Carolina sun — that fiery burning glass that is actually providing gravitational order to our little spot in space, or as Brendan says “holds us here alive”.  I think of how fragile it can be, a sun that won’t last forever, our relatively short lives and the gratitude to exist at all…it’s a tough thing to paint, but I wanted to check those essential boxes somehow.  Warmth from our burning star and the delicate dance of birds to show a little life that is simply carrying on as it always does.”

Each artist chose to approach the music theme, as artist’s often do, from their own unique perspective. Known for her ability to create quiet contemplative landscape scenes within the human form, Megan Aline painted a golden field for the piece titled “Keep Rising”, which is 16-by-20 inches and painted with acrylic on panel.  The song “Fields of Gold” covered by singer Eva Cassidy was Aline’s inspiration. Aline says, “I thought I would first decide on my song and then, while listening to it, see what images were conjured. I saw a barefoot figure filled with a golden field in my mind. I  could see her hands held in a way that they were touching the top of the long grass. I knew exactly what the painting would look like before I even started it.”

Some artists, like Julie Beck, have used music and lyrics to find titles for their work in the past. Beck says, “Mike Doughty’s poetic lyrics and music have been a common place I go to for title ideas and inspiration. His song “Circles” was the seed idea for this painting.” Although she often paints diamond or triangular compositions she was inspired by her “all time favorite musicians”to tackle a theme with softer edges. Beck said, “The composition and content of this painting revolves around circles. The composition is circular and the objects all have circular elements. Another layer of meaning is the cyclic nature of our lifespans and how we choose to fill our days and fill our bodies with the things that bring us joy.” 

There will be over 30 pieces in the show ranging from smaller 4-inch paintings to larger 4-foot paintings. Each work will have the details for the song that inspired it hanging on a label below. The gallery has also created a playlist that can be found on a number of different platforms to stream or download. Lange said, “Anytime you cross pollinate the arts, you are guaranteed to have results that are greater than the sum of their parts.

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