Robert Lange, February 2012

Opening, February 2, 5-8 pm


Robert Lange

About the Exhibit

For the past few months Lange has taken an eight-inch chrome ball with him everywhere

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“The Observer” is a collection of 20 new paintings from Charleston, SC based hyperrealist Robert Lange. On 8 inch circular paintings, Lange is journaling his artistic process and the moments in between. Each painting resembles a shiny silver ball, which upon closer look reveals all encompassing reflections of specific moments within the artist’s life. This will be Lange’s 10th solo show in Charleston.

 For the past few months Lange has taken an eight-inch chrome ball with him everywhere he goes. The environments depicted in the miniature narratives include everything from a coffee shop to the farmer’s market, from thanksgiving dinner to the bedroom. While in these locations, Lange finds an unobstructed view of the situation, sets up his chrome muse, and photographs it. The image within the reflection of the ball becomes the subject of the painting.

 Lange says, “I am fascinated by the honesty found within the metallic sphere’s viewpoint. There is no editing eye, while photographing a still life not only are the pears atop the beautiful piece of fabric being revealed but also the small dog laying on the couch across the room, the towel hanging atop the closet door, the camera and tripod a few feet away and even other artists’ work hanging along the walls.”

 The observer role that the ball takes on creates an interesting dynamic between the viewer of the painting and the ever present camera within the scene. The painting’s mirrored effect makes one feel as though they are looking in on their reflection but instead they find the artist and his lens looking out.

 Although each piece is only 8 inches in diameter, Lange has challenged himself to render with as much precision possible with his double zero sized brush. “In my slowest quietest moments I find my awareness satisfied by even the smallest detail, a blade of grass or the flicker of a tea light.” These paintings are allowing me to give credence to those details and, when added up, the entirety of those beautiful moments they helped create,” said Lange.

 In the painting “Observing Rites of Passage” the ball found its way to the dessert table on Thanksgiving Day. In its reflection, there are cookies and cakes, candles lit, glasses of wine, and a soft amber glow throughout the scene.

 “The day this photo was taken resonates with joy. There were friends and loved ones in every direction willing to share their time, their spirit and their recipes with one another. I am thrilled to be able to make paintings that record that sense of joy. If an artists’ role is to document the times we live in, I wish to center my focus on the happiness hanging in the air of Charleston.


Each round painting will be displayed floating within a 16 x 24 inch piece of mahogany.


A festive reception open to the public will be held on February 3, starting at 5PM featuring wine, hors d’oeuvres, and music.

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