Gordon, March 2021

Gordon, March 2021


Jessica Gordon

About the Exhibit

I felt like everything came to a halt and time stood still. The year I created this…

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Words from the Artist:
I created the show throughout the year 2020, in quarantine. I felt like everything came to a halt and time stood still. The year I created this work is so monumental and life changing I had to acknowledge it in the title.
“Hawk Hollow” is a tribute to memories growing up at Hawk Hollow Farm. Surrounded by Shaker furniture, quilts and lots of warm colors. I went into this concept wanting more negative space that wasn’t full of details. 
“A Ways to Go” is an acknowledgment of how far we have to go on this journey towards equality. I’m grateful for my daughters best friend, her older brother and fiancé for going out of their way to be part of this vision. 
“Come to Life” – I had been wanting to paint my first nude for quite some time. I did sketches and when I had my idea together, I went looking for the fabrics, bench, model etc. The search for a model willing to do the shoot was quite a task. I set the scene up in my pool and gathered references. The vibrant colors in the center contrast the surroundings making it look as if the scene is coming to life. It reminds me of finding a flower growing out of a stone wall…. 
I’ve noticed my work process has a pattern that starts with excitement in the concept phase, fun adventures searching for people and props, chaotic and physically exhausting setting up of scenes and taking photos – to the uncomfortable and long hours painting that leaves room for lots of doubt in myself – to finally seeing the end in sight and having a renewed happiness and satisfaction as it’s framed and brought fully to life.
I like using people in my paintings while adding in an element of surrealism. This way the viewer is still able two use their imagination, have their own personal reaction or have questions. Even though it’s realistically painted, the narrative isn’t based in reality. 
I spend just about as much time coming up with concepts and preparing reference photo shoots as I do painting. I’ve learned to be as prepared as possible before a model comes over to do the shoot. This includes getting in the water, taking black sheets and filling the pool with them – using bricks to hold them down. Getting together props, wardrobe, lighting or shading. I try to have things on hand that will make the model more comfortable like warm towels, snacks and drinks. I’ve learned to take as many photos as possible, posed and candid –  and all different angles because I never know what great surprises I’ll find when it’s done. I find this part of my process one of my favorites because I’m moving around and interacting with others. It’s full of forward motion physically and mentally. 

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